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Dhoraji Fort Porbandar

Dhoraji Fort is situated near Rajkot, Gujarat. Dhoraji is a huge and flourishing town on the banks of a small river named Safura. The strengthening of Dhoraji was completed in 1755 AD. The fort is built in the same architectural style as that of the Navlakha Palace in Gondal. The massive fort has many upholders, 3 main gates which are called Bari and 4 main gates – Kathiawadi Darwaja in the East, Porbandar Gate in the West, Halar Gate in the North and Junagadh Gate in the South. The 3 smaller gates are called Darbar Bari, Bhimji Bari and Sati Bari. The structure of the fort resembles a jewel box. Darbar Bari is most famous as the entrance to Darbargadh in Dhoraji which is located at the highest point inthe town. The entrance is beautifully adorned with jharokha that rests upon a bracket of four elephant statues in different poses.


During the middle of the eighteenth century, Dhoraji was acquired by the Kumbhoj II from the Junagadh State. The noble ruler of Gondal state, Sir Bhagwatsinhji, was born at Dhoraji Darbargadh. He was the first to establish a town planning department and introduced town planning principles to regularize and monitor the growth of the town of Dhoraji in the late 19th century.

Fort Attractions


Apart from the above mentioned features, the Dhoraji Fort has a finely carved entrance gate which leads to the Darbargadh in the middle of a courtyard. Darbargadh is a three storied structure on a high platform. The façade is festooned with effigies of musicians, composite geometric patterns, images of lions in different stances on long attics, copiously engraved pillars, horizontal murals, windows framing skyline and decorative 'kanguras'.

Temple of Goddess Ashapura

Located on the left of Darbargadh is the temple of Goddess Ashapura. Though at present the royal temple needs restoration, but it is still magnificent enough to attract tourist’s interest. A further walk from the temple leads the tourists to some of the most beautiful houses of rich and prosperous Memon merchants.

Pani No Kotho

Situated next to Darbargadh is the exceptionally elegant building of Pani No Kotho. The beautifully structured balconies on all the four sides make the building give an impression of a palace building. In reality, it houses a pumping station and a water tank. It is a perfect specimen of blending utilities and aesthetics to create a delightful architecture.


Upleta is a fortified town located on the banks of River Moj and is 19kms from Dhoraji. It is a combination of huge bastions, gates, small Ghats and the skyline of the buildings which enhances the picturesque beauty of the place. Darbargadh is surrounded with in the exhilarated campus and is now a police station. It is a three storied structure, assimilating a huge fort mainstay as a part of the building. It has a high pedestal and a carved gallery of 5 foliated semicircles and a sloping wooden roof. The windows and 'jharokhas' overlook the river and provide beautiful outlooks.


53 kilometers from Dhoraji is the town of Kutiyana which is located on the banks of river Bhadar. The town was under the rule of the Junagadh Nawabs before independence and was inhibited by the wealthy traders of Memon. The buildings reflect the brilliant taste and craftsmanship of Memon Muslims. It is a well-planned town with a central main market street leading to a superlative mosque with high spires and impressive portico.

How to Reach Porbandar

By Train

Dhoraji railway station lies on the Ahmedabad-Porbandar line. Ahmedabad well connected with all major and adjoining cities with regular railway services.

By Air

Porbandar has its own airport. The other nearest airports are Rajkot which is 88 kms from Dhoraji and Keshod which is 70 kms from Dhoraji.

By Bus

Several state transport corporations and private bus operators operate bus services in Porbandar, Rajkot, and Jamnagar. It connects to Dhoraji on national highway 8B.

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Dhoraji Fort Porbandar
Dhoraji Fort Porbandar
Dhoraji Fort Porbandar
Dhoraji Fort Porbandar
Dhoraji Fort Porbandar
Dhoraji Fort Porbandar

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