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Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch

No trip to the colorful state of Gujarat can be complete without visiting the Rann of Kutch. The district in Gujarat has one of the most unique landscapes with a desert on one side and the sea on the other. Its rich history and culture is evident from the forts and temples that date back many centuries and are now major tourist attractions. Among the most striking monuments in the Rann of Kutch is Zinzuwada Fort located in the village of Zinzuwada in the district of Surendranagar in Gujarat, which is worth exploring on a trip to Gujarat.

The small town of Zinzuwada has four gateways that welcome visitors from all over the globe. These include Madapol Gate, Harijan Gate, Rakshaspol Gate, and Dhama Gate. Each gateway is built with a distinctive Maru Gurjar architectural style. Zinzuwada Fort is one of the finest examples of exclusive Hindu fortifications not influenced by Islamic architecture. Built in the 11th century by the Solanki rulers, the fort features huge stone slabs with exquisite stone carvings and inscriptions on its walls.


Zinzuwada Fort was a major defense post during the Solanki dynasty in the 11th century. The inscriptions on the walls of the fort by Uda Mantri, a minister during the rule of King Siddhraj Jaisinh are evidence of the fort’s long existence. These inscriptions are one of the most interesting features of the fort. King Siddhraj Jaisinh of the Solanki dynasty is said to have been born in Zinzuwada with the blessings of a saint. The Kutch region was later ruled by the Jadeja dynasty in the 13th century. In the early 19th century it became a British protectorate while the local ruler enjoyed local autonomy after accepting British sovereignty.

Fort Attractions

The Gates of Zinzuwada

The central attraction in Zinzuwada is the four gateways that are true examples of Indian architecture without any Mughal influence that can be seen in many other historical landmarks in the country. The resplendent gates, namely Madapol Gate, Harijan Gate, Rakshaspol Gate, and Dhama Gate feature images of various Indian deities which include Ganesh and Bhairava. Each gate is elaborately decorated with carvings and corbelled arches. The gates were constructed in the Maru Gurjar architectural style that is a feast for the traveller’s eyes. Madapol Gate is the best preserved gate in Zinzuwada. The gates were almost completely destroyed by the Mughals in the 13th century. However, two of the great gates along with parts of the massive walls of the fort stood the test of time and are still well preserved.

Other Attractions


The ancient town of Viramgam is located 57km from Zinzuwada fort. The town has five entrance gates that are some of the finest examples of Hindu architecture. The twin temples in Viramgam are the major tourist attractions.


Dhrangadhra fort was built by the Jhala Rajput rulers and is famous for its exquisite stone carving. The town of Dhrangadhra is a mere 75km from Zinzuwada frot. There are many temples, palaces and mosques from various historical periods spread across the town. Many of the temples are feature stone artwork by the ‘Sompura’ caste, a tribe of artisans known for their stone sculpture.


Limbdi is a vibrant town worth visiting on a trip to Zinzuwada fort. The town is 107km from Zinzuwada and is famous for its arcaded bazaar that is an architectural marvel in its own right. The Vivekananda Memorial that was formerly a palace is among the major tourist attractions worth a visit. More about the region’s history can be learnt from the ancient manuscripts on exhibit at the Gandhi Smriti Mandir, Tower Bungalow and Jain Bhandar.

How to Reach Zinzuwada

Zinzuwada is well linked with cities like Ahmadabad by rail and road with a number of routes that include the National Highway. Local transportation consists of non metered auto rickshaws and jeeps.

By Train

The closest railway station is Patdi, which is a 25km journey from Zinzuwada. Major trains that service the region includes the Shatabdi Express and Gujarat Mail that operates between Ahmadabad and Mumbai. The Sarvodaya Express caters to passengers between Ahmadabad and Jammu while the Ahmadabad Mail operates between Ahmadabad and Delhi.

By Air

The nearest airport to Zinzuwada is at Ahmadabad, which is 120kms away. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport caters to tourists from all over the globe. From the airport there are taxis and buses that ply several routes to Zinzuwada.

By Bus

For the budget conscious, the Gujarat State Transport Corporation (STC) buses are the perfect way to travel around the state or to reach Zinzuwada fort. Private bus services are also available.

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Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch
Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch
Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch
Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch
Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch
Zinzuwada Fort Rann Of Kutch

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