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Gujarat a wonderful, beautiful state and people of different occupations visit the state to discover nature. The state is a cultural treasure trove of myths, legends and beautiful monuments namely temples, beaches, adventure sports, zoos, sanctuaries etc. Apart from the natural treasures in the region, Gujarati people are warm, welcoming and friendly. This makes the state a must-visit. The state also has a unique geological and topographical landscape that makes it possible to have lot of sanctuaries and zoos. Due to the unique geography and weather, the state has a huge range of zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, which are famous for their flora, fauna and avifauna.

Nature lovers can go to the zoos and sanctuaries in Gujarat to see various species of animals, birds, plants, reptiles etc. that are housed in these zoos and sanctuaries of Gujarat. Zoo as we know is a place where variety of animals, birds etc. are kept within a controlled environment suited for the existence of these animals. A lot of endangered species can be found in Gujarat due to its very suitable geography. Some of endangered animals are chinkara, black buck, sloth bear, caracal and among the birds are grey jungle howl, Indian black ibis, Asian Openbill etc. To start with, we will be covering a few zoos and sanctuaries situated in Gujarat. The most popular zoos in the state are located in the interiors and they are the Kamla Nehru zoo, Sakkarbag zoo, Junagadh zoo.

Popular Zoos of Gujarat

Kamla Nehru Zoo

Kamla Nehru Zoo is a beautiful simple zoo located on the banks of the Kankaria Lake. The Sanctuary is particularly famous for its huge range of unique albino animals from all over the state. The most species include the red-necked wallaby, local species of deer and several types of alligators. Besides, these unique species, the zoo also houses several species of unique animals and plants. Endangered species like flamingos, elephants, Indian wild ass, mouse deer, tigers, leopards, Asiatic lion, Chinkara, Great Indian bustards etc are also housed in the zoo. The zoos have specific timings. From the month of March to October, people can visit the zoo between 8 am to 6.15 pm, November to February from 9 am to 5.30 pm Fridays being closed. There is no fee on Thursdays.

Sakkarbag Zoo

Sakkarbag Zoo is one of Gujarat’s oldest zoos and probably the most established. This zoo breeds Gir lions and surplus animals are sold to other national and international zoos. The zoo also trades Gir lions for other international species for display. Sakkarbag zoo also has a local museum with an extensive natural geography section. The zoo also showcases old coins, antiques, art work and stuffed animals.  The zoo also has a local extension called the Safari. The entry to the zoo is not free.

The Junagadh Zoo

The Junagadh Zoo is located at Junagadh, Gujarat and it is renowned for its Gir lion-breeding program. The local Nawabs of Gujarat established the park in 1863 in order to preserve the local species of Indian lion and the program was very successful. The zoo was quickly converted into a safari park to bring in revenue and help the program. SasanGir Wildlife Sanctuary is its immediate neighbor and it increases the exposure to wildlife present in this sanctuary. This park houses several types of lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild cats and tigers.


Apart from these, Sundarvan is recognized as a mini zoo by the Central Zoo Authority of India. This is a recreational place where there are numerous visitors to visit the zoo and being of the visitors being kids. Several programs are held for locals, children and tourists and bird watching, camping and hiking are the most common. These camps enable the visitors to live in a natural environment, which makes it adventurous.

Apart from this there are several different types of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks located all over Gujarat. Many of the sanctuaries are specific to protect some of the endangered species like Black Buck National Park, Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary etc. The best time to visit all these places are after the monsoons have stopped that is from October to May when the summer ends. The most used and cheap transport are the buses. You can also hire taxis and rickshaws if you are willing to shell out more money.  You have a lot to see when it comes to the wildlife in Gujarat. Go ahead and have a treat watching these rare but unique animals.


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