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Uparkot Fort Junagarh

Gujarat, the land of Mahatma, has a glorious past and its ancient architectural monuments are the vindication of this rich and intriguing history. Situated at the foot of the sacred hill of Girnar, Uparkot Fort of Junagadh is a must-see destination for all those who love to revel through the corridors of history. Built during the Mauryan reigns, over 2300 years old Uparkot Fort seems to have withstood the taste of time gracefully.

The intricate design elements in the majestic gates and the walls are the reminiscence of Nawabi grandeur, those awe-inspiring cannons remind us of the heroic battles fought from this fort and its mazy floor plans give out inkling about the rich architectural heritage of India. While taking a tour through the lanes and corridors of this centuries-old fort, it is hard to miss the Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist and colonial influence in its architecture. Ruined palaces, stepped wells, devastated mosque to Buddhist caves---the fort has it all and inspires the imagination of those keen on delving deep into the history’s mysteries.


The imposing and visually stunning Uparkot fort was originally built by Chandragupta Maurya in 319 BC. It was abandoned after 6th century AD and the history of next 300 years is shrouded in mystery. It was rediscovered in 976 AD. The strategic location of the fort have subjected it to endless military conquests by ambitious rulers of and beyond the country. The fort witnessed as many as 16 invasions over an 800-year time span. The longest siege lasted twelve long years. From the perspective of modern warfare, it sounds unbelievable, but the makers of this fort made this apparently impossible task possible by providing the fortress with water tanks and storage places to stock food grains. They made it huge enough so that they are able to store resources for twelve years. The Solanki of the Chalukya Dynasty built its two famous stepped wells that were believed to have the capacity to hide an entire army.

Fort Attractions

Jama Mosque

Muhammad Begada, who conquered Junagadh in 1470 AD, celebrated his victory by converting the palace of Ranakdevi into a mosque, which today stands at the fort entrance and known as Jama Masjid. There are more than 140 pillars in the mosque. The mosque is believed to hid several secret passages that ead stratight to the different locations at city center.

Buddhist Caves

A fine example of Buddhist rock cut architecture, the caves feature many monastic meditation cells. Floral works on carved entrance, ornamented pillars and a large hall in the middle typically reflect Buddhist influence. According to the legends, followed by a flood, monks abandoned the caves and moved southward to reach Maharastra, where they eventually built the two famous Buddhist sites at Ajanta and Ellora.

Adi-kadi Vav and Navghan Kuvo

These two step wells were the source of water for the inhabitants of the fort. They kept the water supply intact during the sieges, often lasting for years.
Built in the 15th century AD, the Adi-Kadi Vav has a flight of 120 steps that reaches right to the water level.  Hewn from soft rock, Navghan Kuvo was built in 1260AD and features a winding staircase that runs 52 meter deep..

How to Reach Uparkot Fort- Junagarh

Being one of the prominent places in Gujarat, Junagadh is well connected with train, bus and flights to the rest of the country. Once in Junagadh, you can hire an auto or even walk to the fort, which is situated in the middle of the town. Booking your own transport can also be an option.

By Air

The nearest airport at Keshod is 40 kms away, but has a erratic flight schedules. Second nearest is Rajkot Airport, which is 107 kms away, but more dependable.

By Train

Junagadh is well connected to Ahmedabad by train.  Two express trains on the Ahmedabad-Veraval line run day and night. Naturally the day train would be more convenient.  Trains on the Rajkot-Veraval line can also be availed to reach Junagadh.

By Bus

Junagadh is accessible by ST bus from Ahmedabad, Rajkot Porbandar as well as from other major cities in the state.

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Uparkot Fort Junagarh
Uparkot Fort Junagarh
Uparkot Fort Junagarh
Uparkot Fort Junagarh
Uparkot Fort Junagarh
Uparkot Fort Junagarh

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