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Old Fort Surat

Surat is a well connected city in the state of Gujarat. The Old Fort n Surat is one of the many popular tourist attractions in the state of Gujarat. The fort is closely associated with the History of India. The ideal time to visit the fort and the city of Surat is from the month of October to the month of March. The fort is situated in the city itself and along with the other attractions of the city, tourists flock to see the old fort.


The Old Fort was constructed in the 14th century by Mohammed Tughlak the ruler of Surat at that time. It was built to fortify the city against attack by the Bhils – the local tribals of the area who fought against the Mughal rule. The fort was invaded twice by the Mavla King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is known for its beautiful architecture and currently houses the Municipal Office of the region.

The city of Surat itself has great historic importance. During the Mughal rule it was used as a gateway to Mecca the place of pilgrimage for Muslims. The Portuguese ravaged the city in their attempt to maintain control and the East India Company used it as a trade centre. The city of Bombay robbed the city of its distinction as a major Port in the 17th century. It gained recognition as a centre for trade in the twentieth century when the population exceeded 1 lakh. This historic city has suffered many ravages and setbacks and yet emerged as the hub of trade in the state of Gujarat and as the world diamond centre. The forts and museums of the city bear witness to its role in the history of India.

Fort Attractions

The Old Fort, built by Mohammed Tughlak is a popular tourist spot in the city of Surat. It has a historical significance and historians flock to the place to see the heritage of the city which has witnessed several historical events. The beautiful surroundings attract many tourists who come to the administrative capital of Gujarat to see its gardens, museums and other places of interest.

How to Reach Surat

By Train

Surat railway station is in the jurisdiction of the Mumbai Division or the Western Railway of India. The station was built in 1860 and is directly connected with Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi, Mumbai, and many other major cities of India. Express trains like the Rajdhani Express and the August Kranti Express bring tourists from all over the country to this city of diamonds and silk.

By Air

Airlines like Air India and Spice Jet have many flights connecting Surat to Mumbai, Delhi, Srinagar, and Amritsar. The airport was shut down in 2001 for technical reasons and for a period of 7 years until 2007, Surat was the only major city without a functional airport. Plans are in the offing to upgrade the airport to be able to handle 7 jet aircrafts.

By Bus

The city of Surat is well connected by road and new expressways are planned to take care of the heavy traffic. State Transport busses run from every city in Gujarat to Surat and back. On account of the urbanization of the area the Surat Municipal Corporation together with the Surat Urban Development Authority have planned to build Outer and Middle ring roads which will decongest the major highways. Number of flyovers in the city has reduced commuting time. The city boasts of one of the multi layer flyovers of India over the Majura Gate.

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Old Fort Surat
Old Fort Surat
Old Fort Surat
Old Fort Surat
Old Fort Surat
Old Fort Surat

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