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Dabhoi Fort

A home to the country’s some of the most spectacular monuments and palaces, the state of Gujrat simply means the feast for eyes and food for thought for the millions of travelers, who love to explore the country’s rich cultural and architectural heritage. Dabhoi Fort is one of the state’s most visited historical places that exude the grandeur of the bygone era. The huge and imposing construction speaks of our ancient architects’ rich engineering faculty. Featuring an unmistakable Vastu influence in its architecture, this 13th century Rajput fort exemplifies the strength and intricacies of Hindu military architecture and the exciting height it attained centuries ago. Its design and construction strictly follow the Shastri traditions mentioned in the Vastu literatures.

Dabhoi Fort is known for its four gateways, namely Hira Bhagol located in the east, Vadodara Gate in the west, Champaner Gate in the north and Nandod Gate in the south.
Of these four gateways, Hira Bhagol is famous for its exquisite stone carvings. Named after the famous architect, Hiradhar, this eastside gateway of the fort keep the tourists enthralled with its magnificent iconography. The four gates are in the middle of each side of the fort wall. It was altered during the time of Visaldev and the Muslim rule. The fort is a home to several Jain and Hindu temples, including an ancient Goddess Kalka temple at one side. The temple showcases beautiful wood carvings.


A contemporary of Rudra Mahalaya and Zinzuwada Fort, Dabhoi Fort was founded in the early 6th century AD by great king of Gujarat, Siddhraj Jaisinh, whose reign continued from 1093 to 1143 AD.  Followed by the debacle of Patan, the Muslim rulers captured the fort in 1300 AD. Some of the designes of the gates were changed during the Muslim rule. In 18th century, the famous battle of Dabhoi was fought out of this fort.

The battle was fought between Sarsenapati Trimbakrao Dabhade and Bajirao Peshwa. At various points of time, an array of Jain scholars stayed at Dabhoi Fort. For this reason, the fort is considered the birthplace of some of the important Jain literatures with great socio-religious significance. The fort is also famous for being the birthplace of eminent Gujarati poet and Garbi composer, Dayaram.

Fort Attractions

In addition to its four spectacular gates, Dabhoi boasts several ancient Hindu and Jain temples, dedicated to a number of gods and goddesses. It is also the gateway for Narmada Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Bibi ni Bagi

This place is known for its famous dargah that feature ornate minarets.

Shri Lodhan Parshwanath Temple

Oldest of the six Dabhoi temples, Shri Lodhan Parshwanath Temple is known for its famous sand idol that did not get damaged even after remaining submerged in water for a very long period. It is also one of the important Jain pilgrimage.


Chandod is a quaint town situated at the confluence of three rivers: Narmada, Orsang and Gupta Saraswati. Apart from being a n ancient seat of Sanskrit learning, it is also a Hindu pilgrimage. People from all over South India come over to the place to perform the after-death rituals.


The twin town of Chandod, Karnali  has several Shiva temples. The town is famoous for being the bearer of the footprints of Lord Dattatreya. 

How to Reach Dabhoi Fort

After reaching the nearest big city, Vadodara—by air, road or rail- the tourists can hire a cab, take non metered auto rickshaw, or ride a bus to get at Dabhoi Fort.

By Bus

From Vadodara, GSRTC bus services can be avaialed at Dabhoi bus stand to reach Dabhoi Fort. Non-metered auto rickshaws are available from other parts of the town. Similarly, the tourists can take a taxi from Vadodara for a day visit to the fort.

By Train

Dabhoi has one of the world’s oldest narrow gauge railway junctions. Available are several Western Railway operated express trains that directly connect to some major Indian cities. Alternatively, tourists can catch train from Vadodra to directly reach Mumbai and Delhi.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Vadodara, which is 29 km away from Dabhoi. Several Indian Airlines flights are avaiable from this airport.

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Dabhoi Fort
Dabhoi Fort
Dabhoi Fort
Dabhoi Fort
Dabhoi Fort
Dabhoi Fort

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