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Girnar Temple

Girnar Temple is located on the mountain peak of Girnar and possibly it derived its name owing to this mountain peak only. Acknowledged as one of the popular shrines amid the Jain pilgrims, this temple is also visited by the Hindu devotees. In order to pay homage to this shrine, the devotees have to climb 9999 steps and reach the hill top.

Girnar Peak has many Jain temples and Hindu temples of which Girnar Temple has its own prominent significance. Though climbing four to five hours to Girnar Temple is one of the difficult tasks, yet hundreds of people climb to this hill every day. It is said that this temple is mainly visited by the devotees during the time period of 5 days which end on the full moon day in the month of Kartik. People consider it is auspicious to take a circular excursion of this temple.

Significance of the Temple

Girnar Temple has gained importance as it is situated on a collection of mountains, of which Girnar is located near Junagadh, 327 kms from Ahmadabad. Girnar is considered as a sacred place since the times of Mohan-jo-daro and Dholavira period. Hence its origin can be traced to the days of Vedas together with other holy scriptures of assorted Indus Valley based religions.

As per the sources, the Girnar hill is connected with Lord Krishna. It is said that when Kalayavan, chased Krishna, the Lord got better of some powerful adversary in inquisitive manner. Raja Muchkund was fast asleep in one of the caves in Raivarachal Mountains after fighting on behalf of The Gods. He wanted to rest and repose, hence he got a boon that anyone who disturbed his sleep, will get reduced to ashes when Raja Muchkund opened his eyes.

Since Krishna was aware of this boon, he thought this is one of the best ways to get rid of Kalyavan. He pretended to ran away from Kalyavan and led him to this cave where Raja was sleeping. Krishna then covered Muchkund face with a cloth. Kalyavan mistook him for Lord Krishna and woke him up and got reduced to ashes.

Architecture of Temple

Girnar Temple is also called by the names of Girivar, Puratanpur, Raivat Nagar, chandraketupur, Manipur and Ujjayant. The peaks covered by 16 exquisitely carved and sculptured marble shrines to its Western flank of these mountains forms a beautifully situated group of temples for Jain and Hindu devotees. The Girnar temple reflects a perfect blend of devotion, religion, and art. In these temples, an idol of Shri Neminath Lord is placed. With black in complexion, this idol is 140 cm in height and poses in Padmasana.

There are shrines, corridors, and quadrangle courtyards with pillars that are adorned with beautiful intricate carvings of Jains. The ceilings of the temple bear sculptures and carvings of Dancing Goddess.

Time to Visit

The best time to visit Girnar temples is during the winter season in the months of October, November, December, January, and early February.

Nearby Places

Ashoka’s Major Rock Edict

Just behind the western gate of Junagadh, there is one prominent Edicts of Ashoka which are located across the bridge. This edict is inscribed very high on a large domed mass which is of black granite. As this place cannot be reached easily, only few pilgrims express their desire to climb the mountain and visit this edict.

Tirthankara Neminath Temple

Considered as one of the largest Jain temples, this temple is dedicated to Lord Neminath, the 22nd Thirthankar of Jain religion. This temple has idol of Lord Neminath. It is said that many Jain pilgrims visit this temple every year which presents a perfect blend of art, religion, and dedication. The temple is exquisitely constructed with pillars that have bearings and sculptures of Goddess.

Punit Ashram

Another nearby attraction, which will allure the pilgrims, is the Punit Ashram. It is said that Saint Punitji came and stayed here for meditation while also established an ashram where his disciples from all across the world could gather and stay. There are assorted solitude cottages for meditation. Every year disciples from foreign countries visit this Ashram.

Kashmiri Bapu Ashram

A Saint called Kashmiri established this ashram. He was called Kashmiri as he appeared like a foreigner. This Ashram is located amid the Datar Hills and Girnar Hills. Since no vehicle can reach this place, one needs to travel on foot in order to reach this ashram.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – The nearby airport located at Keshod is approximately 40 kms away from Girnar. Other airport, Rajkot is about 100 kms away from Junagadh, while is connected well with Delhi and Mumbai together with other cities of India. The nearest International Airport for Junagadh is Ahmadabad.
  • Through Road – There are many state and interstate transport buses which are available. One can also take advantage of private taxi and cabs.
  • Through Railways –The nearest Railways Station to Junagad is 5 kms away. Travelling by trains is considered one of the most convenient modes of transport as there are number of trains that run to and from Ahmadabad city.

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Girnar Temple
Girnar Temple
Girnar Temple
Girnar Temple
Girnar Temple
Girnar Temple

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