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Mahudi Jain Temple

Mahudi Jain Temple located in Mahudi is a famous Jain temple which is devoted to Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir. This temple is a pilgrimage temple place for the Jain devotees. Lakhs of Jain devotees visit this place and offer their prayers. The devotees offer sukhadi which is an offering is to be eaten within the premises of the temple. Traditions say that it is a taboo to carry such offering outside the temple premises. The large and clean sarai provides convenient and comfortable stay for the pilgrims.

This temple is one of the old pilgrimage places which are very important amid in the Jain communities. Apart from the Jain communities, people from non Jain communities also pay homage to this temple and offer their prayers. Every year a grand havan takes place here which is attended by thousands of people.

Significance of the Temple

Mahudi Jain Temple has a strong force behind this temple and that is Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev. It was under the supervision and guidance of shrimad Buddhisagarji Maharaj Saheb that this temple was constructed. He saw that the Jain community people ran here and there to offer their prayers while get their wishes granted. He then felt a need to construct this temple where people could come and offer their prayers for the fulfillment of their wishes. He performed hard meditation for nearly 3 days and due to his vital powers, he attained Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev through the havan fire that further bounded him to protect and do welfare for the people. He designed his image that flashed from fire and then later an idol was made of rock from river side. Since that time, many people have witnessed and experienced miracles taking place in their professional and personal fronts.

Architecture of Temple

In this temple, there is one larger temple that has 22 inch marble idol of Lord Padmaprabh who is sitting in a lotus posture. Next to this shrine, there is a bell at the height of 30 feet and the devotees particularly climb up to it so that they can ring the bell and ask for fulfillment of their wishes. It is considered auspicious to take a circular round, encircling the 24 shrines of the thirthankaras.

The temple is beautifully craved with sculptures and idols and writings.

Time to Visit

There is no particular ideal time for visiting this temple as one can visit the temple during the entire year owing to the pleasant season and climate.

Nearby Places


Vijapur that is 10 kms away from Mahudi, is a municipality city which has 24,805 as its population. Considered as the birthplace of Shrimad Buddisagarsurihwarji Maharaj Saheb, this place is known to have become very famous as Shrimad Saheb was cremated here after his death. A huge Guru Mandir and complex of Samadhi have been constructed at the place that has an exquisite temple also. This temple is a main attraction amid the Jain people.

Aglod Manibhadra Vir Temple

Located near Mahudi, this temple is encircled by exquisite natural habitat together with an exceptional landscape and greenery. This temple has an idol of Shri Buddhisagarji M.S which is another main attraction.


Himmatnagar is a town which is approximately 30 kms far away from Mahudi. It has a municipality district in Gujarat and is considered as the administrative office of the district. The name Himmatnagar symbolizes – Town of courage. The town is located on the banks of River Hathmati. This town was named Himmatnagar after the king Himmat Singh.

Madhumati River

Madhumati River is 1 ½ kms from Mahudi which is a tributary of River Sabarmati. Named as Madhumati, this river flows aside the exquisite landscape and natural scenery of flourished and green hills.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport situated in Ahmadabad is the closest international airport which has direct flights to different destinations of the world. There are many domestic flights also that operate from here.
  • Through Road – Gujarat has the best developed road network, which connects the city to many other towns of India. There are many buses that are available by the state and private bus operators. These buses operate on regular basis.
  • Through Railways – the main railway station located near Mahudi is Kalupur that falls under the authority of national railway circuit while is connected to different major cities of India. Some other railway stations which connect Mahudi are Sabar Kantha and Prantji which are 8 kms away.

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Mahudi Jain Temple
Mahudi Jain Temple
Mahudi Jain Temple
Mahudi Jain Temple
Mahudi Jain Temple
Mahudi Jain Temple

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