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Rukmini Devi Temple

Rukmini Devi Temple is situated around 2 kms from the Jagat Madir and is well known temple which is frequently visited by the tourists from all across the world. Rukmini Devi Temple is an architectural master piece located outside the town. The temple dates back to the 12th century, while has immense significance.

There are many stories attached to the origin of this temple. One would find usual sculptures of god, goddesses together with assorted male and female figures which can be seen on the exterior of this temple.

Significance of the Temple

Rukmini Devi Temple is a small temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini. The story behind this temple is that on one day, Durvasa Muni, who is known for getting angry easily, was invited by Lord Krishna together with his wife Rukmini for dinner. It is said that when any person is invited to dinner, the etiquettes say that the host must not eat till the guest has arrived and has been satisfied. On the way to dinner, Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini became thirsty and asked Lord Krishna for his help. Krishna then placed his foot on the ground from where Ganges water flowed from the earth, at the time when Dursava was not looking. When Rukmini was busy drinking water, Dursava turned and observed her drinking water without seeking his permission. He immediately became angry and cursed Rukmini to live away from Lord Krishna, her husband. This is why Lord Krishna’s temple is located within the premises of the town while the temple of Rukmini is located outside the premises of the city.

Architecture of Temple

Rukmini Devi Temple is located 2 kms away from Dwarka City. This 2500 years old temple has a dome mandap together with a stepped sanctuary which is not much older than the 12th century. The outside of this temple is carved richly while has a panel of sculpted naratharas also called the human figures together with a panel of sculpted elephants which are placed at the base. The conventional spire of the major shrine compares strongly with the large hemispherical dome of this pavilion. Temple’s inner sanctum has a lower-level seat which has an image of Rukmini, who was the wife of Lord Krishna, which was consecrated. The general sculptures of assorted God, Goddesses, together with the male and female figures which can be visible on the exterior of this shrine.

Time to Visit

The weather in Dwarka is always pleasant throughout the year. The summers are warm however not scorching, while the day time during the monsoon season is idyllic. The winter season forms the appropriate weather condition for visiting.

Nearby Places

Beyt Dwarka

Beyt Dwarka is a popular place which is admired by every religious person. An abode to an exquisite and rare place of worship, this place is actually a small island well known by the name of Beyt Shankhodhar which is also a flourishing seaport. This place is perfect to spot dolphins while also take pleasure of marine excursions and camping.

Gomti Ghat Temples, Dwarka

The holy city of Dwarka is all about magnificent awe-inspiring religious abodes together with mysterious legends which are attached to them. If an individual wants to catch a glimpse of these temples while take pleasure of exquisite bird’s eye view of this holy town then one must float on the boat here.

Kachoriyu, Beyt Dwarka

This temple is devoted to Lord Rama, while houses sculpture of Shanka, Garuda, and Chakra. Besides all this, the temple also has an idol of Hanuman ji, which is situated just at the entrance. There is a pond also which is called Kachoriyu Talav.

Hanuman Temple, Beyt Dwarka

Dandiwala Hanuman Temple is close to the Krishna Temple which is one of the special attractions. This temple also has idol of Makaradwaja who is the son of Hanuman. He looks partly an ape like humanoid while partly a reptile.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Jamnagar is the nearby airport which is located near 137 kms from this temple.
  • Through Road – Dwarka lies on the state highway from Jamnagar. There are direct buses which are available from Ahmadabad and Jamnagar.
  • Through Railways –Dwarka is the railway station which has trains that connect it to Jamnagar, Ahmadabad, and Rajkot.

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Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple

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