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EME Temple

The EME Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva while is exceptional in its design and concept owing it its geodesic structure which is covered with aluminum sheets. Acting as a major tourist attraction for the pilgrims and devotees, this temple is based in Vadodra, Gujarat. Constructed in the year 1966, this temple is a testimony of an impeccable contemporary structure which also forms an inclusion of travel guide of Vadodra.

Devoted to Lord Shiva, this temple is based in Vadodra Cantonment region. Designed as per the geodesic designs, this temple has emerged as a big hit amid the visitors and tourists. Also acknowledged as Dakshinamurthy Temple, this EME temple stands stunningly in the complex of Electrical Mechanical Engineering.

Significance of the Temple

The EME Temple was constructed by the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, featuring a different contemporary design. Dedicated to the Lord Shiva, this temple is operated and managed by authorities of Indian Army. The temple incorporates the holy symbols of all religions at one place since they don’t have different places of worships for assorted faiths. Representing army architecture, the building of EME temple is encircled by a garden that has collection of nearly 106 statues of ancient era ranging from 6th to 16th century.

The temple is unique, contemporary in looks, built with different holy symbols from assorted religions. This temple represents five main religions prevalent in India. The temple houses an idol of Lord Dakshinamurthi.

Architecture of Temple

The infrastructure of EME Temple is a testimony of secularism, since the temple has two domes, one of which is dedicated to Hindu Religion while the other is dedicated to Islam. There are two entrances which symbolize the Jain culture, while the tower of the temple symbolizes the Christian religion and the Buddhism religion symbolizes the golden top tower.

The idol in this temple faces the south direction while is believed to impart the teachings to entire world. The entire place is ringed by acres of green and peaceful surrounding drives which presents a holistic view. The temple has geodesic structure which is enveloped with aluminum sheets. It is said that the temple has its own unique appeal. The beauty of this temple leaves the visitors awestruck.

Time to Visit

There is no specific month in which the tourists visit this temple. Open round the year, this EME temple is open from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm.

Nearby Places

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Located in Vadodra, Gujarat, the Laxmi Vilas Palace is an impeccable structure of art and one of the finest historical monuments. A wonderful exemplification of ancient Indo-Sarcenic architectural style which warrants a particular visit, this palace is an exquisite work presenting the classical art style. This palace was constructed from 1878 to 1890.

Baroda Museum and Art Gallery

Vadodra Museum and Art Gallery is a museum that depicts an assortment of artifacts. These assortment collections of ancient manuscripts, Indian sculptures, together with Egyptian antiquities are present in the art gallery. Constructed in the year 1894, this art gallery is designed on the classic architectural patterns of Victoria and Albert and Science Museum in London.

Sayaji Bagh

Another tourist attraction, Sayaji Bagh is a well known garden in Vadodra that has a large green park. The main entrance of this park is from the Tilak road. This bagh has a planetarium which offers thirty five minutes show regularly leaving Thursday.

This garden sprawls as a large extensive park which has a mini rail track encircling its periphery.

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum

A perfect place for the art lovers, this museum is located in the stunning city of Baroda. This museum displays an incredible royal collection of the 19th and 20th century which includes the European paintings of Murillo plus, titan and Raphael together with contemporary Western & Indian miniature paintings. It also has finest collection of Greco-Roman and Indian artifacts.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Vadodra is easily connected by different domestic airlines. There are regular domestic airlines which operate from Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Daman and hence connect EME temple to different parts of India.
  • Through Road – Vadodra is connected by a good network of roads. It has local, state, and private luxury buses which run from different cities of India and Gujarat.
  • Through Railways – Vadodra has a major railway junction on its Western Railway that connects it to Ahmadabad, Delhi and Mumbai.

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EME Temple
EME Temple
EME Temple
EME Temple
EME Temple
EME Temple

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