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Shri Adeshwar Temple

Shri Adeshwar Temple is a well known Jain temple that is located in Palitana in Gujarat. Dedicated to Shri Adeshwar, one of the thirthankar of Jain sect, this temple is visited by different Jain devotees all round the year. It is said that people visit here with great devotion, seek wishes, and get their wishes granted also. Since every thirthankar is symbolized or signified with a particular animal, this thirthankar is associated with dragon. Hence forth the visitors will find friezes of dragons which encircle the temple thereby representing Adeshwara. The temple is located in the south eastern half of Athwa of Surat that falls in Gujarat.

Significance of the Temple

As per history and some sources, this temple dates back to the 13th century. It is said that Acharyashri Hiravjayji propitiated a Surimantra and saw a dream that an idol of Shri Adeshwar Bhagwan was installed in the temple. The Lord then blessed him in the dreams and said that a well known and great king shall be awakened by him. This king would then help him in spreading word about the Jain religion in assorted corners of the world. This great king was Emperor Ashoka.

To honor this Jain Thirthankara, a temple was built by the name of Shri Adeshwara Temple.

Architecture of Temple

The exquisite temple is beautifully decorated with intricate architectural designs. The grandeur and spectacular look of the temple attracts the visitors to come and visit the temple. The temple houses the idol of Lord Adishwara. This idol is nearly 45 cms in height while is pure white in color. Lord Adeshwara is seated in Lotus posture or padmasana.

Besides this temple, there are few other temples also which are visited by the Jain devotees. The Shree Adeshwara temple has pillars which are carved artistically portraying the life story of Lord Adeshwara. The friezes of dragons can be seen which encircle the temple, thereby representing this Jain tirthankara, Lord Adeshwara.

Time to Visit

The best and ideal time to visit this temple in not specified. One can visit the temple all round the year as the weather is pleasant while the temperature is not harsh.

Nearby Places

Adinath Temple

The Adinath Temple, dedicated to the first tirthankara of Jains Lord Rishabdev is an exquisite temple which is built to honor this lord. It is said that Lord Rishabdev attained enlightenment here. Lord Rishabev is said to have a sign of Ox on one of his thighs since his mother saw an Ox in her first dream out of the 14 dreams that she saw while she was carrying Lord Rishabdev in her womb. Hence forth the place is known as Adinath while the temple is called Adinath Temple.

Chaumukh Temple

Established in the year 1618, this Chaumukh Temple is a famous Hindu Shrine that has four images of Lord Adinath facing the 4 cardinal directions. The temple is located near Bhavnagar and one can reach this temple by state or private buses which are most convenient modes of transport for reaching this place.

Angar Pir

There is a Muslim shrine called Angar Pir which is next to Shree Adheswara Temple. The shrine is said to have intrinsic sacredness and it is said that people have immense faith for this shrine as it seems to protect the Muslim individuals. On reaching this shrine, one must approach the main temple complex, and then there is a path which frocks a shorter route on the left while has bypass on the dargaah. There is also a dargaah which has a shrine that has a green flag.

Shri Vishal Jain Museum

At the foot of Shatrunjaya, there is a museum that houses an impeccable assortment of excavated idols, artifacts, from other temples of ancient times. It also houses manuscripts that are written on the palm leaves. This museum even displays the history of Jainism together with the life of Mahavir.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Air – Bhavnagar has a nearby airport which is nearly 56 kms away.
  • Through Road – Ahmadabad is 215 while Bhavnagar is 56 kms away from Shri Adeshwar Temple. One can board state transport and private buses which are easily accessible from other cities of Gujarat.
  • Through Railways –Palitana is on the railway line which has trains that connect it to different cities of Gujarat, particularly Ahmadabad and Bhavnagar.

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Shri Adeshwar Temple
Shri Adeshwar Temple
Shri Adeshwar Temple
Shri Adeshwar Temple
Shri Adeshwar Temple
Shri Adeshwar Temple

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