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Vidyadhar Garden

  • Attraction

Made according to the Indian Shilpa Shastra specifications

  • Built In


  • Dedicated to

the memory of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the city planner and chief architect of Jaipur city

  • Location

Situated 8 km east of Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra road.

  • Best Time to Visit

Twilight is the best time because the illuminations give the garden a whole new look amid the shadows of the setting sun.

  • How to Reach

By road using cars, taxis, rickshaws, or local transport

Vidyadhar Garden is a tribute to the genius of architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the planner of India’s first creatively designed and planned city, Jaipur. The beautifully constructed and aesthetically superior garden is strategically placed 240 km from Agra, the seat of Indian tourism, which is a part of the golden triangle of tourism – Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi. It is just 260 km from the capital of India, New Delhi.

Vidyadhar Garden is a dream location that is high on aesthetics. It encompasses India’s rich culture and matchless heritage. Located in the cradle of a stunningly beautiful valley, the garden offers dramatic visuals that refuse to leave you long after you have left the place.


The Vidyadhar Garden occupies a pride of place among the top tourist destinations of Jaipur. Built in the memory of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the highly creative and brilliant architect of Jaipur, the garden draws inspiration from the ancient Indian architecture teachings as depicted in the ‘Shilpa Shastra’. The place is believed to have housed a vineyard in the past.

The influence of the Rajput style of architecture which Vidyadhar Bhattacharya drew inspiration from while planning the Pink City is evident abundantly in the Vidyadhar Garden. There is also a touch of Mughal architecture that’s finely blended in the designs and features. The garden has many creatively designed fountains and stunning flower beds. It also offers great scope for bird watchers. It is common to come cross peacocks breaking into impulsive dances in the heavenly ambiance of the garden.

Architectural Brilliance

Vidyadhar Garden stands out for its unique and brilliant architecture which the amazing city planner would have surely approved of. There are elaborately carved frescos and amazingly designed murals that show Lord Krishna in various moods. The flower beds are truly eye-catching while the fountains, terraced gardens, the serene lakes, and the royal pavilions add to the tranquility and peaceful charm of the place.

The Epitome of Beauty

Vidyadhar Garden attracts tourists by the hordes throughout the year because it is a place that helps people find peace and inner calm. The sight of birds in their natural surroundings and the exceptionally beautiful flora, fountains, and greenery make the place a must-visit site for those visiting the Pink City.

The Surroundings

Vidyadhar Garden is one of the best planned and preserved gardens in this city. Its beauty gets a huge fillip by the presence of a lovely pool, fantastic fountains, and of course the visually delightful surroundings. The superb visual of the wavy outlines of the hills in the background is an irresistible sight when the sun is going down. It is ideal to visit during twilight when the sun is disappearing behind those gargantuan hills, leaving the whole place draped in a heavenly golden hue.

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