Banswara is a district in the state of Rajasthan in India. The district covers an area of 5037km2 and covers 1.47% of the state. It is surrounded by the Udaipur District to the north, Pratapgarh District to northern east, Gujarat in the South western area and state of Madhya Pradesh in the South-eastern side.

The district has been christened after the previous royal state of Banswara. As per a tradition, the place has derived its name from the word Bans as there are large number of bamboos found in the forest area of the region. The place has rich flora and fauna life and has a gigantic forest. The fauna of the area includes leopard, fowl, chinkara, black drongo, bee-eater, parrot, partridge and many more.

During an amalgamation of all main regal states at the time of Union of India, Banswara state and Kushalgarh area got combined and Banswara was designated as a new district after these territories were combined.

Basnwara Tehsil

The district of Banswara has been segregated into 3 sub parts that is again divided into 8 developmental blocks and 5 tehsils. The sub-divisions of Banswara comprise Banswara and Garhi tehsil, Kushalgarh sub-division comprises Kushalgarh and Bagidora tehsil and Ghatol sub division includes Ghatol tehsil. The developmental blocks of the district includes Bagidora, Peepal Khunt, Talwara, Sajjangarh, Garhi, Ghatol, Anandpuri and Kushalgarh.

The districts also include 5 constituencies of Vidhan Sabha, Bagidora, Danour, Kushalgarh, Ghatol and Banswara.


The district has many places of interest for tourists, which include Tripura Sundari, AnandSagar Lake, Mahi Dam, Chheench, Arthuna, Diablab Lake, Shri Raj Mandir, Arthuna, Abdulla Pir, Ram Kund, ShriSai Baba Mandir, Talwara, Paraheada, BhumKund and Andeshwar Jain Temple.

Andeshwar Jain Temple

It is a very popular Jain temple sited in Banswara district of Rajasthan. It houses the unique Shilalekhs belonging to the 10th century. Every Jainsim following person must visit this temple for once in his lifetime.

Anand Sagar Lake

AnandSagar Lake is a manmade water body located towards the east of Banswara. It was designed by Lachhi Bair of Idar. The cenotaphs of former rulers of that period are located nearby. Holy trees known by the name KalpaVriksha are said to fulfil the wishes of people who visit there.

Fair and Fiesta

Bhil community of Banswara are from the labour community and hence they enjoy amusement in the form of selected festivals. They are convention followers and follow Kharo, Moto and Bhalo religion. Holi is the major festival for these tribes. They adorn traditional attire and carry sticks and sword performing Gair dance, a tribal dance of this area.

Tripura Sundari

Turtia Maata temple has a beautiful idol of goddess Tripura Sundari with 18 hands. Every hand carries a symbol while the idol of the goddess is sited on a tiger. The temple was constructed by SamratKanishka, though the year is not known.

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