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Medical Tourism In Rajasthan

Rajasthan state has attained the international attention for tourism in Medical sphere and is becoming fast a preferred destination for Medical tourism. Government is to reveal a motivated roadmap to enhance Medical education and medical tourism but it will need nearly Rs. 55 millions by the investors to get the benefits of this scheme.

Rajasthan has instituted health tourism and health sector in India. Government has made determined efforts to promote health tourism on large scale which has resulted in a huge increase of concerned visitors in the state. Ayurveda and Rajasthan have emerged as the two sides of the same coin. However Rajasthan has mainly emphasized on the development of Ayurveda and its extensive preparations for medication and treatments. Rajasthan also have the finest facilities in customary forms of medicines like Unani etc. along with the new allopathic treatments.

Rajasthan is the most energetic, versatile and vibrant state of India. This state has been bestowed with natural bounties, wildlife assets, landscapes, deserts, hill stations and varied fauna and flora along with the globally ranked Hospitals. The facilities in medical treatment are trustworthy with ethics. The better-quality medical services with dedication and ethics are supervised by the reputed professionals of respective medical fields with world class infrastructure. These are the sound reasons to create this state a desired and preferred destination for India’s medical tourism.

Government Interference

Rajasthan Government is not looking for the medical tourists from the developed countries or west world. But the Governmental policies are aimed to the patients arriving from adjacent countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh etc.

The health department officials also claim that the free-medical scheme has increased the patients from the neighboring states. Now the Rajasthan Government is aiming on the’ terminal care’ patients from adjacent states.

One health care organization Manas Arogya Sadan has entered in partnership for 30 years with Multi-specialty Hospitals which is to come in operation from 2012 September.

The state Government and Jaipur development authority are in the final stage of land allotment procedures to Bombay Hospital.

All these initiatives show that Rajasthan is fast developing towards Medical tourism and patients to get well along with discovering the heritage and culture of Rajasthan.

Hospital here

The medical facilities in Rajasthan state is world class and can be compared with any country of west. Rajasthan has best infrastructure in Hospitals and top qualified doctors to care. One can get cheap and best medical treatment in Rajasthan through its finest possible medical services in well maintained Hospitals, accompanied with affordable and viable prices.

Why Medical Tourism in Rajasthan

The Medical tourism is rising in Rajasthan and a preferred India state due to the high order facilities, specialists’ medical professionals, dedicated and caring hospital staff and latest world class technologies of medical field. The medical travelling to this state by foreigners is on the rise with the each passing day and after recovery they also enjoy their remaining time happily in the compelling and beautiful locations of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan offers diverse medical facilities to Medical tourists like cardiac, dental surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery under the specialized doctors and dedicated, experienced medical staff at an affordable expense (less up to 60% to 75% in comparison with others). World’s renowned facilities are available in Rajasthan Hospitals which help patients to recover speedily and enjoy the excess time in this colorful state. Homeopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda, the other alternative treatments for patients, are also offered in Rajasthan state.

Non- Indians

Tourism in Medical is one among the increasing segments of India. The arrival percentage of foreign tourists coming for medical remedies has increased to from 2.2% to 2.7% within one year of 2009 to 2010.

After the medical treatments and recovery, the foreigners pay visit to the thrilling locations and other places of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is rich in different types of tourist’s destinations which can easily be explored by Medical tourists coming for treatments and recovery.

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