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Emergency Numbers

Panic is the main reason for the damage done in most of the emergency situations. In order to prevent the public from feeling scared during times of crisis, the Government of Rajasthan has published a list of emergency numbers to reach out to. Police control rooms, women and child safety numbers, hospital contact numbers, ambulance, fire engine and other such numbers which people have to reach out to, when they have a problem are displayed in many public places like malls, markets, railway and bus stations etc. Citizens must have a copy of this list with them always so they don't waste too much of time during critical hours.

Title  STD Code  Telephone No.
Police Control Room 100
Police Control Room 141 2573442, 2576013, 2576019, 2576021, 2576024, 2576062
For Tourists, Women & Sr. Citizens 1090, 1091
Children 1098
Fire Brigade 101
Ambulance 102
Emergency Services 108
Railways Enquiry Number 131


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