The eastern gateway of Rajasthan is called Bharatpur. This is a well-fortified city. It was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD. The city of Bharatpur was extracted from a place which was formerly called Mewat. Bharatpur is a storehouse of the treasures of the history of Rajasthan.

The town was named after brother of Lord Rama. Laxman was worshipped in the town and therefore his name is also found engraved in coins and seals. The city is also regarded as a popular sanctuary for birds.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Tourists regard this place as a paradise for photographers and bird lovers. The sanctuary with its 250 species of birds is regarded as a perfect gateway by tourists. It is a huge sanctuary covering around 29 km of land area. Tourists usually hire rickshaws or bicycles for exploring the well-maintained sanctuary.

Apart from the huge collection of birds the sanctuary also boasts its mammals like porcupine, spotted deer and also blue bull. Tourists regard this to be the one of the most picturesque place of Bharatpur.

Deeg Palace

The architectural elegance of the palace is another tourist attraction in Bharatpur. The elements of Mughal architecture is clearly reflected in the architectural work of the palace. The palace offers immense pleasures of scenic beauty to the oncoming tourists. The palace is beautifully surrounded by two serene lakes and around 2200 fountains.

The rich display of antique furniture adds more splendor and grandeur to the palace. The hidden treasures of ancient history are unfolded in the most exquisite way in Deeg Palace.

Government Musuem of Bharatpur

Tourists regard the museum to be an important part of their itinerary in Bharatpur. Tourists love to take a Stroll in the beautiful garden of the museum, which is surrounded by peacocks. Tourists also love to capture the images of the city view from the top of the garden.

The museum puts up a good exhibition of stuffed animals and also weaponry of ancient times. Some Tourists regard hamam as the best part of the museum.

Brij Festival

The most important festival of Bharatpur is Brij. It is celebrated in the month of March before the festival of Holi. People of the region greatly contribute to the festive mood by singing and dancing during the festival. The entire city is cloaked in happiness and joy during the festival. Lot of cultural programs are also organized during the festival.

Even Teej is celebrated with great pomp and show in Bharatpur. It is regarded as the monsoon festival of the town. Gangaur is also celebrated in Bharatpur with lot of religious sentiment. Usually married women and young ladies celebrate this festival.

Brij Paintings and Bandhani

The glimpse of Brij culture is highly evident in Bharatpur. Tourists love to take back beautiful Brij paintings as souvenir of the place. The “Juttis” made out of camel leather with beautiful and colorful embroidery is also very popular among tourists. The splendid “Kota Doria" saris are very tempting for women. Tourists also love to shop Bandhani and lehriya clothes from Bahratpur.

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