Padampur is a tehsil of district Ganganagar in Rajasthan state of western India. Padampur has population of 147948 as per census of 2011 with 77779 males and 70169 females. The average area Padampur covers is 3.46 km2. This tehsil is situated at a mean sea level of 165 meters and is located 29.68°N 73.62°E. There is no direct railway link to this city. The city is situated at an average distance of 38 km from Ganganagar. The climate here is extreme hot during summers while winters are also quite hot. There is shortage of rainfall here.

Padampur – Tehsil

Padampur is one of the 9 tehsils of district Ganganagar in Rajasthan. This tehsil is situated in the northern part of district. Headquarter of tehsil is Padampur city whose northern border touches down the Ganganagar tehsil. Suratgarh City, Sri Ganganagar City, Raisinghnagar City and Pilibanga City are the close by cities to Padampur.

Land of Prince Padam Singh

Padampur is more known as the land of Prince Padam Singh who was son of King Karan Singh belonging to royal family of Bikaner. The king ruled the area from 1631 to 1669 and this was the time when Padampur got its name from son of the King Karan, Prince Padam.

Gagan Singh Seehra

Padampur is widely famous for Indian cricketer - Gagan Singh Seehra who is currently playing from Baroda for India cricket team. Gagan Singh Seehra is considered an inspiration for other younger sport persons from Padampur.

Rich Culture

Padampur attracts people not only from India but also from abroad for its rich culture and ethnicity. People of Padampur still lives as of old times portraying an insight to ancient rich customs of Rajasthan. People who wish to enjoy the cultural diversity and ethnicity and want to know, the ancient culture’s know-how; Padampur is the perfect place to visit.


Padampur has corely just one business – agriculture. This is the work that has been going around here since centuries and people believe in taking on their family business. The major crops that are cultivated here include cotton, wheat and mustard. Other crops are bajra, guar (jiggery), sugar cane as well as grams. Padampur is famous for its fruit – Kinnow which is a hybrid fruit of orange. This fruit is exported from Padampur to all the major cities of India.

Mavdiyo Ka Mandir

Padampur is very famous for an ancient temple - Mavdiyo Ka Mandir which is near Beenjhbayal area. People from nearby areas have great spiritual conviction for this temple and it is believed that whatever wish is made here, the God fulfills that. People make a visit here to seek blessings and to pray.

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