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Nightlife In Rajasthan

When the Sun sets in evening, the nightlife is started to enjoy and to have a fine time for relaxation. Rajasthan state is full of vitality and lively nightlife. Affluent and slightly rich, youthful and elderly, all come close to feel the stimulating and restful nightlife of this state. One can enjoy variety of drinks in several clubs and bars of Rajasthan. Visit any one discotheque of Rajasthan to take pleasure of interesting night dances and also feel an urge of dancing. Though the nightlife in Rajasthan is not like New York or Paris even  it is the height of enjoyment in comparison with the places having no or modest nightlife.

Rajasthan’s nightlife is all about of a small number of little bars. One can visit these bars for a drink and also enjoy the quality snacks after an active and exhausting day. The nightlife of Rajasthan is generally meant for having a comfortable sleep in bed.

The Rajasthan’s nightlife is thrilling owing to the presence of discotheques, pubs and bars etc and full of fun things therein. Anyone with domesticated taste can also enjoy by outside dinners in numerous family restaurants /Dhanis or take pleasure at multiplexes by watching the favorite movie. In a nutshell, the nightlife here is colorful in innumerable avatars.

Travelling has great advantageous things like experiencing and checking out the diverse nightlife of different countries. Nightlife of Rajasthan is varied and on the rise. Here you will discover everything from friendly pub and bars to high rank night clubs. The visitors, interested in extra traditional activities, will find lots of cultural and traditional performances. However, one needs to identify the right place.

Lake city of Udaipur and capital city of Jaipur offer diverse, traditional, and colorful shine nightlife of Rajasthan.


Club culture is not frequent here. Every main hotel is attached with a club for enjoyment.

The streets in the cities of Rajasthan come lively in evening time. The people come out of their abodes to meet, to shop and to sip the tea after cooling down the day’s temperature. These activities also add in exploring the shopping’s.

If anyone wants to arrange his own get-together, locate nearest liquor shop to buy beers (kingfisher also), wines and other Indian manufactured brands of spirit with realistic prices. Some appealing fine Indian wines like Sula are also there although not every wine is suitable for Western palates. Foreign brands of wine are also available but they are somewhat costly due to import taxes.

Jaipur Nightlife at its Best

The nightlife at Jaipur area has great potential to explore and still it has to go a long way to enhance more facilities. The foreign tourists with normal average of about 1.5 million come to Jaipur in the peak season from October to March. The Indian tourists and other persons coming on business trips also add to this figure. They all want to enjoy the evening time according to their tastes. The strategic location with rich traditions and culture, Jaipur has all the potentials for an international tourist destination. The large and famous clubs are mostly located within the complexes of 5-star hotels and are exempted from government bans. The Shopping malls may also have some good clubs.

The 7 & 5 rated star hotels mostly have their individual Discotheques, club and pubs. The famous club life destinations in Jaipur are Spark nearby airport, B2B of Country Inn, Ramada’s the fire ball (TFB), Hotel of Sheraton Rajputana and Chandravanshi Pavilion. These all add to the enjoyment of the all tourists.

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