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Travel Tips In Rajasthan

Although the entire state of rajasthan is known for being tourist friendly and also for being safe and secure the year round, yet there are certain things that one must keep in mind while visiting Rajasthan.

Best Suited Climate Tips

The optimum time to indulge in the region of Rajasthan is to be there from late September to  the middle of April. This is the best time as there is a dry and mild heat with minimum degree of humidity. In the winter months, Rajasthan has sunny and warm days while the evening and morning can get quite cold. The summers in rajasthan are extremely hot due to the presence of the desert of Thar in that state. The monsoon breaks in July and lasts until September. October and November are warm but not wet.

Interesting Work Tips

  • Camel Safaris can be availed at several cities in Rajasthan.
  • The back of a horse is also a famous mode of exploration in Rajasthan. People who are not well versed with horseriding may take small trips while experts can take long safaris
  • The classical art of Mehendi or Henna is also done for women.
  • For the lovers of nature, A visit to Bharatpu’s Bird and Ranthambore’s Wildlife sanctucary is a must. The pilgrimage at Ranthambore to see the tigers is a treat to the eyes.
  •  Experience the Palace on Wheels- Undoubtebly, This train is the most luxury filled train in the whole of world. Filled with replicas of the luxurious items of the royals, The Palace on Wheelscovers all the major tourist cities of the state under one tour
  • The small lanes and slim alleys offer the perfect haven for shopaholics. One can pick up classical kathputlies, The apparels with tie and dye print and the jewels and accessories. The block prints also originate from this region and can be found best in this state
  • Experiencefestivalsprearranged for the classical fairs,this is when the natives exhibit their best colors and beauty;Traditional rajasthani Folk art and Camel Races should also be experienced at once.

Beware of Fraudulent Tips

When in the state of Rajasthan, The Tourists must take special care and should in any case try not to purchase anything adviced by the aut or cab drivers of the city. Even if your local guide advices you to shop at a particular shop, the tourists must exercise caution as there are a number of shops in the entire state that falselyassertthat they have variousinvolvements with the Government of Rajasthan or the local artists. The claims are usually false and fabricate. These shops make you shell out a lot more money which is shared between the shopkeepers and the guides who are always interested to take you there rather than anywhere else.

Note-For foreighn tourists, It is advisable not to indulge in money exchange thorugh locals but always should look at Indian banks etc for it

Staying Safe Tips

The Golden TRule is that one should try not to venture out late in the night and particularly not alone. The best way is to be asso ciated with someone who knows the space well and is trustworthy.Lack of civic sense makes people spit, litter and even desecrate at the public spaces therefore one must always be cautious of that fact.India has a system of Right Handed style of driving which must be taken into account when travelling.

Shopping Tips

Like any other local, Bargain.No matter if you are buying artefacts, jewwlery or anything never miss to bargain. When buying ta local market one should always llok for bargains as most shopkeepers come down by 30 to even 50 percent of the actial price. The big shops particularly the nationalized shops don’t bargain and has a fixed and reasonable rate.

Eating- Drinking Tips

Apart from the classical rajasthani thali, Other cuisines are also easily available in the state.

All the major eateries provide sealed Mineral Water which should be preffered.  There are lots of fakes and one must look for brands while buying water. Brands like bisleri, kinley, Aquafina etc are the best options to be purchased in the state and one should avoid drinking from lakes and ponds.

Sun Screen Tips

Rajasthan is famous for the Thar desert. There is always burning heat and scorching sun. One must always carry the sunscreen to avoid tanning. Caps, water Bottles, Goggles etc are prerequisite to visit Rajasthan

Emergency Numbers

  • Police control room: 100
  • Fire station: 101
  • Ambulance: 101

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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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