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Rural Transport Services In Rajasthan

To connect the Gram Panchayat to the Tehsils and the district headquarters which are based on the PPP model, the Rural Transport Service in Rajasthan is the best mode.

Aims Behind It

Rajasthan is situated in the western part of India and has a pretty different topography as compared to other states but has similar transport characteristics as well as socio economic ways of living. The World Bank and the DFID are gaining a lot of interest in the area which helps them understand the traditional rural transport services which are being developed to improve the livelihoods of the area. This has been proved by a lot of projects and studies made on these institutions. These projects provide a comparative overview of this issues and so there are a very few people which provide the in-depth analysis which is made within the context of a single country. The information about the rural transport is very less known internationally and so the knowledge about the development of the small farmers in Asia is also limited. This study has been trying to fill the gap and provide the information throughout.

A few years back, the transport system of Rajasthan was not all that well connected and so very few of the villages were connected with each other. They were provided by the non motorized transport like bicycles, rickshaws and bullock carts. The harvesting was also done either by the head-loading or by balungi in which a piece of bamboo is with two weights kept on the shoulder. Because of this, the farmers have to sell their crops at their doorstep because of which they get low prices and lead them to poverty.

Services In

Important places in the district/tehsil headquarter/district headquarter/panchayat samiti out of there with a route basis, assuming the central cluster(group of paths) is created, whose RFP details are as follows-

  • Ajmer
  • Bharatpur
  • Bikaner
  • Jodhpur
  • Kota
  • Sikar
  • Udaipur

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