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Rajasthan Travel Information

Large numbers of foreign tourists travel Rajasthan because it is different and amazing. It boasts of a rich history and amazing grandeur in form of culture.  People are left spell bounded by numerous havelis and forts. There are major tourist destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur and awesome Udaipur. Travelers can enjoy different types of attractions based on their requirements and specifications.  Brilliance of Rajasthan architectural heritage can leave people flabbergasted and yearning for more. State was ruled by different Raj put clans and tribes who paid supreme sacrifices to restore their kingdoms.  Colorful culture, palaces, fairs and energetic environment captivate the imagination of the visitors. Jaipur is considered to be the capital of Rajasthan.

Tourists should follow the code of conduct in an impeccable manner:



  • Hotels should be approved and must be run by RTDC.
  • It is important to enquire about the destination from Rajasthan tourism office located at Bus stop, railway station and airport.
  • Paying guest accommodation could be availed but its authorization must be checked beforehand.
  • Hotel room should be locked before going for the sightseeing of the city and shopping.


  • One should not stay or get forced by the people on railway stations and bus stands.
  • It is not advisable to get a free ride in a taxi to a hotel. Prior approval of Rajasthan tourism authority is essential.
  • It is extremely dangerous to allow unknown person into the room. There have been many unpleasant incidents in past.



  • Auto rickshaw must be hired from kiosks which are pre paid.
  • If prepaid is not in sight, it is better to negotiate fare.
  • Taxis must be hired from approved centers or through Rajasthan tourism department.


  • Free rides always spell trouble for the tourists
  • Important documents like luggage etc should not be left with the driver
  • Inquiries should be made beforehand so that travelers can embark on trip in a hassle free manner.



  • It is important to purchase goods from recognized shop
  • Bill should be made on every purchase
  • Vat registration number should always be on the corner of bill.
  • If payment is done through credit card, it is important to ensure that amount is in figures and words.
  • Goods must be checked before purchase and also leaving the shop.
  • If bill is created in a wrong manner, it must be destroyed so that shopkeepers do not charge again.


  • One should avoid coaxing by driver in purchasing goods from a specific shop.
  • Showrooms located near tourist site must be avoided because they provide products at a costly price.
  • People must not shop from places which sound very similar to government undertakings.
  • It is not advisable to sign on blank letter heads.
  • One must not engage in conversation with people for business because they often turn out to be glib talkers.
  • One should not avail the help of guide while shopping.
  • Purchases must be packed before tourists so that transparency is maintained throughout transaction.

Money Exchange


  • Money should be changed at authorized money exchangers and receipt must be given to travelers.


  • Never exchange money from people who do not provide receipt.



  • Prepaid taxis are the best bet for travelling


  • One should not leave the luggage unguarded in taxi or vehicle.

Other Information


  • People should not wear revealing clothes while travelling in Rajasthan
  • Food should not be accepted from strangers.
  • Passport should be kept in a safe place.


  • One should never pretend that young people are attractive.
  • Free lunch or dinner must be avoided at all costs
  • Night travelling is strictly forbidden


It is important to contact police station or Tourist assistant forces deployed near monuments.

Top Destinations in Rajasthan


It is known as pink city of Rajasthan. Jaipur is renowned for its architectural splendor and it is a modern city constructed as per specifications.  People are quite lively and welcoming to the tourists.


It is known as Lake City due to presence of Lake Palace on Jag Niwas Island.  Udaipur was considered to be a capital of Mewar in 16th century.  There are many more places near water that create instant impression on the travelers.  It is also called as the Venice of the east.


It is a very important city and in ancient times proved to be a useful trade route for merchants. It is home to golden fort which is inhabited with people.  Cobbled streets are reminiscent of the glorious past.  Havelis constructed by merchants of 19th century are still in amazing conditions.


It is a holy place for Hindus and Muslims because of the presence of Sufi shrine. Ajmer is bounded by Aravali ranges and Ana Sagar Lake located on opposite sides.


Climate of Rajasthan is considered to be arid with little rainfall. In summer, temperature rises to 49 degrees and drops below freezing point. Average rainfall is about 300 mm and it is quite heavy in south western region.  Rainy season occurs in the month of July and September.

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