Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation

The enhance the tourism in the state of Rajasthan since 1978 an agency was set up by the Rajasthan Government and was named Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. The RTDC handles number of restaurants, motels and bars. They also facilitates with the organized package tours, festivals, fairs and transportation services. The other most important and well known tour organized by RTDC is the Palace on wheels train that is run in collaboration of RTDC and Indian railway. The most budgeted and luxury hotels and motels run by RTDC provide comfortable stay for the visitors.


RTDC is the organization that works on the enhancement for attracting the visitors to the state of Rajasthan. The other functioning of RTDC is in providing services like cafeterias, bars, restaurants and motels. To provide a hassle free enjoyment to the visitors RTDC organizes pre organized package tours, enjoyments of festivals, enthralling shopping experience.

RTDC is a well known organization that is famous not only in the country but also across the world. RTDC promotes the tourism of Rajasthan both nationally and Inter-nationally.

The budgeted hotels that are provided in corporation establishment are most sought out option provided by any of the industry of tourism. These kinds of arrangements draw a large number of visitors and keeps on enhancing themselves as per the modern up liftmen’s. Keeping itself updated is the key to success of RTDC since it attracts many visitors. The motive on which the Rajasthan tourism industry works is the “Culture of Customer Service”. The success in any tourism business depends on the kind of services it provides, the warmth and hospitality that the visitor appreciates after their stay during their visit to any place.

The visitor always want best of the services they can receive for the amount they pay to make their holidays a most memorable both romantically and adventurous. RTDC has taken the initiative along with the Indian railway to give a luxurious experience to the people visiting Rajasthan by launching “Palace on Wheels”. This is the train in India that has been ranked the most lavish in India while most sumptuous among the top ten luxury trains in the world.  The travel experience in this train in one of the unforgettable experience for the people who are on trip to Rajasthan since the luxuries like lavish dinner and royal stay in train makes their experience unmatchable to anything else. After the success of Palace on wheels Rajasthan tourism in the year 2009 launched another train named Royal Rajasthan on wheels.

The other important project by RTDC is the Jal Mahal tourism that has been built on 100 acres land in the city of Jaipur that comprises of hotels, food courts, shopping places etc. The other famous project of RTDC is the Nazool property located in Tijara fort.

The facilities of booking these trips can be done from different locations that are provided at various places all over the country.

RTDC Corporate

RTDC became operational in year 1978 and came under the Act of 1956 of Private Limited Company.

The motive behind establishing this organization is to enhance the state tourism in Rajasthan. The activities in which RTDC is involved are built up of bungalows for tourists, setting up of restaurants, motels and bars that keep the visitors engage in numerous activities. The other facility by RTDC is the packages provided during festivals in Rajasthan. The promotion of tourism is also provided on the web portals that specify the detailed list of tourist’s spots, the literature about the places to go and the history of the state.

The other facility given for the luxurious visit to Rajasthan is the collaboration of Indian Railway and RTDC who together started two luxurious trains first one being Palace on Wheels and the other is Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. These trains have the most luxurious stay provided while the pre decided tour organized by RTDC.

There are number of booking centers all over the country to provide the pre booking facilities and the other option for getting the booking are also available on the following web-portal www.rajasthantourism.gov.in.

The facilities given by RTDC are the visits to most striking tourist places with the other conveniences like stay at hotels, mouth-watering Rajasthan cuisine at reasonable prices. The stay provided by RTDC gives a traditional and culturally organized stay to the visitors.

The company responsible for providing the customer service to show the hospitality that can be served by the people of Rajasthan. The heritage of Rajasthan is attractive and hence the tourism flourishes in this place. Cultural tradition of the state of Rajasthan has always been very welcoming.

RTDC Major

  • The major attractions are the cultural experiences, the safari tours, wildlife sanctuaries visits.
  • The beautiful mountain ranges in the background, the mesmerizing experience of the sand-dunes, the walk on the tiger trail and bird watching.

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