Kumbhalgarh town is basically a fortress in the district Rajsamand in Rajasthan state of western India. This was built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. This town is majorly known as the birth place of great warrior and King – Maharana Pratap. This town has been a witness of some of the great historic scenes of Rajasthan. Currently there are just ruins and a fort standing there. The close by airport for Kumbhalgarh is situated at Udaipur which is at 84 km and connects this historically important town with the rest of the country.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh fort is built at a height of 1100 meters means 3500 feet and is built in an area of 12 square km. The fort is shielded well by a long wall of 36 km. This fort is considered unassailable and impregnable. This is the reason why it was built by Rana Kumbha to save the town from outsider invasions.

Birth Place of Maharana Pratap

Kumbhalgarh town is famous and well known as the birth place of Maharana Pratap who was India’s one of the most brave warrior and king of Mewar as well. There are several legends associated with the life of Maharana Pratap and his brave fight against the Mughal Emperor – Akbar.


Kumbhalgarh town is also a witness of the infamous battle field, Haldighati, the place where the historic battle was fought between Akbar, the Mughal Emperor and the brave Rajput king, Maharana Pratap in the year 1576. This place still has a memorial Chattri (cenotaph) that is a symbol of Rana Pratap’s bravery and valorous fight against the Mughal king. There is one more Chattri dedicated in the honor of Rana Pratap’s horse, Chetak. According to the legends, Chetak carried its injured master far away from the clutches of the enemies and it is said that it dashed across the hills and valleys till it dropped dead just to save his master.

Muchchal Mahavir Temple

Kumbhalgarh is also visited widely for Muchchal Mahavir Temple which is just at a distance of 5 km from Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. This temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira, the majestic mustached lord which is also the presiding statue at the temple. The stunning elephants along with other carved ornamentations are symbol of the devotion, enterprise and hard work put into the construction of this temple.

Kumbhalgarh Badal Mahal

Badal Mahal is located at the highest point of Kumbhalgarh fort and was built by Rana Fateh Singh. This palace is known for its wall paintings that are a work of incredible art. 

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary is home to a great range of wild life. Some of the wild life here has been declared endangered species. The wild life includes leopards, chinkara wolf, sloth bear, jackal, hyena, jungle cat, nilgai, sambhar, chausingha, and hare. The bird life at Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary is also flattering. This sanctuary is also famous for jungle fowls.

Other Temples

There are some more temples in the Kumbhalgarh fort which are – Ganesh temple, Vedi temple, Bawan temple, Pitalia Dev temple, Mamadeo temple, Neelkanth Mahadev temple, Parsvanatha temple and Golerao group of temples.

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