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Safety And Security

Rajasthan is a very lovely state known for its friendly atmosphere and the rich heritage. But while travelling to Rajasthan it is necessary to remember the Do’s and Don’s provided by the Tourism Department so that you are able to enjoy your journey to the fullest without any problem. The best way to keep yourself safe and secure is by taking the necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant activities during the trip. The state is safe for the tourists with no criminal cases or civil disturbance.


The first and the most important advice is that never leave your luggage or valuables on airport, railway station or bus station.

In case there is an urgency to leave your baggage, make sure to use proper locks especially in the train where you can keep your belongings safe through the loops available below the seats. If you are in any hotel, keep all your valuables inside the cupboard and lock it properly. Also use another lock for the door to ensure complete safety. Do carry padlocks as well as chains with you as you can use them in times of need and keep your belongings protected from theft and burglars.

Other important things like cash and passport should be kept in different pockets or you can even use a belt pouch for higher safety as it can be worn around the waist for added protection.

Most of the cases take place usually in busy areas where many tourists are hovering around, therefore make sure that you do not eat anything given by other passengers as it may be sleeping pills or any kind of drug that may make you unconscious and this can give them an opportunity to run away with your belongings.

Even if you are talking with the other passengers, always stay attentive as distraction may lead to theft cases. That is why it is necessary to stay cautious while traveling to any destination, in trains, buses, taxis and other modes of transportation.

If you are looking for a hotel, make sure that you have enough information about the route so that you are not misled by the drivers who can take advantage of you and steal your belongings after taking you on the wrong place.

Even the senior citizens should be a little cautious and plan their program keeping in mind their health problems as well as other issues.

Though the Traveller's cheques can always be replaced into Thomas Cook or American Express but you should have some cash for emergency situations.

If kids are traveling with you, make sure that you never leave them alone and give them proper instructions.

The local police can help you in times of need. You will find the Thana and Chowki located at regular intervals in case you are caught in any problem. The easiest way to contact the police is by dialing 100 and you will shortly receive the assistance from the nearest police station.

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