Kota is a district in Rajasthan state of western India. The Kota city is the administrative headquarter of this district and it is 3rd largest city in Rajasthan. This is one of most famous tourist attractions in India due to the infamous Kota Doria, stunning Museums, Gardens, and Picnic Spots, ethnic Saris and historical temples and Gurudwaras. Kota is ranked 46th at national level with a mere population of 1,950,491, as per census of 2011 with 529,795 males and 471,570 females. The district is situated at a mean sea level of 271 meters and is located at 25.18°N 75.83°E.  Kota district is surrounded exquisitely by 4 power stations and that too within just 50 km of radius. Kota is home for worldwide famous Kota stone, the sand stone.

Since Kota had undergone domination by numerous influential dynasties of the ancient era, therefore the social scenario as well as cultural arena of Kota truly reflects the rich & affluent imprints from that time. From the grandiose palaces to splendid fortresses along with the wonderful interiors of the forts to the dazzling waterways, Kota is a stockroom of implausible historic treasures. But, today Kota is popularly known for several study institutions that this city is successfully running within it.

Kota - The District

Kota is a district in Rajasthan and the administrative headquarter for the district is the city of Kota. The district is the 3rd most populated one after Jodhpur & Jaipur only. The Kota district is situated along bank of well known Chambal River. This district covers an approximate area of 318 sq. km.

Land of Rao Madho Singh

Kota existed since the early 12th century but it was Rao Madho Singh under whose ruler-ship, Kota developed exceptionally and praiseworthily transforming successfully into an independent and self-governing state of Rajasthan. Rao Madho Singh was son of Shri Rao Ratan Singh to whom Kota was handed over by Shahjahan, famous Mughal Emperor. Since Kota gained immense prosperity and flourished admirably under the ruler-ship of Rao Madho Singh, Kota is known as land of the king Rao Madho Singh. Kota also incorporates a museum that is devoted to the name of Rao Madho Singh.


Kota is extensively visited for its two remarkable and noteworthy museums which are Maharao Madho Singh Museum and Government Museum. The former is far more popular than the latter. Maharao Madho Singh Museum is located in an old palace and has a broad range of collection of diminutive paintings of frescoes, armory and sculptures belonging to Rajput tribe. The Government Museum in-houses rare manuscripts, coins along with Hadoti sculpture. The biggest attraction here is sculptured statue which was brought from Baroli.

Gardens & Picnic Spots

Kota has a huge list of gardens as well as picnic spots which are a major attraction for people especially for families. These include - Ummed Bhawan Palace, Chatra Vilas Udyan, Traffic Park, Keshar Bagh, Nehru garden, Kala Khet, Bheetariya Kund, Gapernath, Gopal niwas baagh, Bhanvarkunj, Chambal Garden, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Nagaji ka Baagh, Darrah National Park and many more.

Kota Doria

Kota is quite famous for "Masuria Malmal", a translucent cloth which is referred to as Kota Doria. Different unique combination of silk and cotton makes it. Kota Doria is woven in a unique and amazing manner so as to produce a check pattern with coarse cotton or even golden thread. This  pattern is known as KHAT and is quite popular among people.

Sari Business

Kota is widely known for its dazzling ethnic Saris in India as well as on international platform. These magnificent weaves were started in the 18th century by Maharana Bhimdeo. As per legends, Maharaja Bhim Singh brought some weavers in the mid 18th century from the Deccan and hence this way the crafting blossomed ardently under the royal support. The weft and warp that is used as a thread combination creates a very fine & exquisite chequered pattern with silk lending ethereal delicate finish while cotton providing a firmness to the Sari making it a must to have for every ethnic art lover.

Holy Temples

Kota has been famous for numerous temples and Gurudwaras it holds, some of which belong to early medieval period. The most famous one is Godavari Dham Temple which belongs to God Hanuman. People specially make a visit to this temple on Tuesdays. The most famous Gurudwara is Agamgarh Saheb Gurudwara. There are many more such holy temples and Gurudwaras that people from distant areas pay visit to seek blessings which include - Khare Ganesha Temple, Badoli Temples, Tirupati Balaji Temple, Shivpuri Dham Temple, Karneshwar Temple, Rangbari Balaji Temple, Radha Krishna Temple, Mathureshji Temple, Adharshila Dargah and Radhakrishna Temple.

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