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Indian MICE tourism means an ideal place for hosting Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. India has about all active cosmopolitan cities, gorgeous hill stations; tranquil countryside’s and striking beach resorts etc.These facilities in India make MICE tours stimulating and perfect place for business meetings and other consultations. In nutshell, India presents a combination of work and pleasure to MICE tourists. So that MICE tourists can experience the notion of assimilation of work with smooth touch of cool enjoyment. India, a developing economy, also offers superb business opportunities like Medical, IT, Tourism, Media, Insurance, Telecommunications, Sporting and health care, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Food Products, Oil and Petroleum, textile Products.

The Rajasthan princes intentionally built trendy and grand conference chambers. The atmosphere of Rajasthan is not only aristocratic but it is also suitable for business purposes. This state extends matchless comfort in heritage lodging, immense tourism and amusement beside its famed conventional hospitality. Furthermore, a superior tourism infrastructure furnishes unique facilities such as transportation, welcome ceremonies, banquets and tasty traditional foods of different kinds, conventional receptions. Skilled English speaking hostesses and hosts conduct registrations for convention and render help with expert capabilities. The best communication infrastructure like Internet and telephones is widely available.

Rajasthan presents a broad range of centers for convention. Organizers can select from well maintained cities such as Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur to little venues which might be wildlife sanctuary or even a historical place according to the choice. Conference arrangements in conventionalizing themes can also be under taken in the state. If anyone is thinking to organize a conference then consider the facilities provided by Rajasthan for such type of events.

MICE Tours in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an ideal state to conduct successful business meetings and conferences due to excellent and impressive combination of lodging, high quality foods and other conference support facilities. Planning and conducting the successful meetings in Rajasthan state destinations always bear rewards. Rajasthan presents suitable groundwork involved in conducting the business trips and conferences fruitfully. The resorts and hotels in Rajasthan are extremely good for accommodation, funds and extra basic amenities for successful business trips.

MICE Infrastructure in Rajasthan

The heritage hotels, five star hotels, resorts and other similar venues have all the modern amenities to give quality services to the businessmen. Rajasthan boasts the best MICE infrastructure with resorts and business hotels. Everything like time-table, budget, meeting halls, key contacts and seating arrangements, is well planned here. Special care is taken for specifications and minute details.

Destinations in Rajasthan for MICE Tours

Rajasthan cities are perfect for business negotiations. These well developed cities have best resorts and hotels with state-of-art infrastructure. Some of the famous MICE tourism destinations in Rajasthan are:-


  • Attractive venues with proper management and best facilities.
  • All practical requirements with specialized services are taken care of.
  • Main cities for MICE tours are connected by air whereas the other locations are well connected with road and rail.
  • Event management organizers are attached with all major hotels to arrange, assist and handle events.
  • Catering, sightseeing, transportation and other requirements can be arranged and managed flawlessly. Pre/Post consultation tours can be planned.
  • Special arrangements for associated family members are carefully looked into.
  • Full tourist infrastructure providing all possible arrangements from welcome ceremony, cars, buses to other extended facilities.
  • To integrate pleasure with business.
  • Mock festivals and art shows can be arranged easily on demand.
  • Children can enjoy feast in eating joints such as Dominoes, McDonalds and Pizza hut etc. and can also indulge in aqua parks or entertainment parks.
  • The enjoyment of indulging in true traditional and artistic atmosphere while conducting serious business negotiations adds thrills and excitement. The tour can also comprise the diverse safaris.

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