Shekhawati lies in the north Rajasthan and is a semi desert. This place lies exactly in the triangle that is fromed by Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur. The name if this region was kept after the ruler Rao Shekha and this name mean the garden of Shekha. This locality is a region and not just a mere fort or a town.

Famous for its Havelis

This region is famous for its rich and beautifully painted havelis. It is also called as the ‘open art gallery of Rajasthan’ with all these beautiful and architectural havelis. All thes havelis makes this place even more fascinating. The havelis are from the 18th to the early 20th century. Tracking all these many havelis in this region is not less than a treasure hunt. Many art forms can be seen on these havelis which is a nice change from the barren and flat land. The frescos telling the theme of mythology and the huge animals is a worth watch.

Shekhawati Festival

The very famous is the Shekhawati festival which includes all the villagers and people from the other districts and places as well. Many people from all over the world become a part of this festival. This festival is a true celebration of Shekhawati and its different aspects and it takes place at the huge Surya Mandal Stadium in Navalgarh. The people of the place get the opportunity to display their skills and artists and craftsmen display their art that come from different parts of Rajasthan.

One can take advantage of the tour organized to the forts, temples and the famous havelis and get the in-depth knowledge about the region and the art and culture through workshops and seminars. This festival is organized, designed and founded by the Moraka Foundation. It is a sense of pride to organize this festival where many contests and competitions are witnessed at all levels. The meritorious students and the servicemen are awarded in this function.

Organic Festival

This festival is known as the organic festival as the Moraka Foundation has emphasized on the organic way of living. Every one right from the spectator, the participant and the villagers are served only organic food all these four days. There is a food stall which has always an average of 50 stalls that only give away some delicious organic food dishes where one can relish the Indian cuisine which is totally organic. One can also see a lot of tourists enjoying at this festival and relishing the yummy organic food that is served at the food stalls. They also get an insight into all this through the organic lunches organized.


Navalgarh was founded by the fourth out of the five brothers, Nawal Singh in the year 1737. The Kaimkhanis had a close by fort and there was a village on the site. Nawal Singh then made a temple of Gopinath and the fort and covered it with walls. There were three fortrs at this site and Nawalgarh was very prosperous and had its estates undivided.

Some Jaipur merchants were encouraged by him to settle at Nawalgarh and the Patodia family claims to be the first. Afterwards the Bania community succeeded and was then joined by more families. The Morarka were one of the prominent ones who settled.

One can see the finest and the best Shekhawati frescos at Nawalgarh and the rich Marwari era can be seen at the haveli of the 19th century.

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