The state of Rajasthan is known for its vibrant, blissful environment and the large number of colorful festivals that it celebrates all over the state round the year. The ways the festivals are celebrated in this entire state makes it the most sought out and vibrant desert to be visited in the entire world. Each festival is followed by colorful fairs that make the place even more attractive to be visited. Rajasthan is mostly known for its fairs and festivals by the people all over the world and hence sees uncountable number of visitors who join these fairs and festivals. The festivals that are celebrated in the state are celebrated with full enthusiasm and cheerfulness and the practice of celebrating these festivals is marked as the religious practice.

The season of the festivals in the state of Rajasthan is considered to be very cheerful. The festival in the state of Rajasthan speaks about its affluent ethnicity and conventions. The background of the desert displays a picture that soothes the eyes of its visitors. The golden colored forest gives a mesmerizing view. The celebrations of all the festivals and fairs in the state are done in full joy and the entire state is engulfed in multicolored vibrancy. There are number of festivals that are celebrated by the entire state of Rajasthan whereas some specific festivals are enjoyed by particular areas of the state. The liveliness of the state during the festivity can never be explained in words, instead can only be experienced. Visitors from entire world are advised to pay a must visit to the state of Rajasthan in order to experience its rich colors and traditions.

Main Festivals of Rajasthan

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for Lord Ganesh’s birthday. The entire state celebrates this occasion with high enthusiasm, in fact Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with full zeal and zest by the entire nation. The fort of Ranthambore has a temple that is mainly worshipped for Lord Ganesh. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the people from all parts of the state come to visit this temple. People not only from city but also from all the corners of the state have zeal to worship the temple on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesh idol in the temple is decorated with ornaments in gold color and is adorned with the fresh marigold flower garland.


The festival of Teej is one of the major festivals that are celebrated in the state. The festival is celebrated in devotion of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. As per the English calendar the celebration of Teej is done in the months of July or August. The festival is mainly performed by the women of the society. The celebrations are done with singing songs and performing various dances for Goddess Parvati. The women in the society adore themselves with new vibrant clothes and hence increase the vibrancy of the festival. The festival is also celebrated with hanging swings on trees and decoration of colorful flowers beautifies the celebration. The idol of Goddess Teej is taken all around the city for worship by the people of the entire city.


Dussehra is the festival that is celebrated with pomp and show not only in state of Rajasthan but also by entire nation. After Dussehra is celebrated the nine days of Navratri in devotion of Goddess Durga is performed. The festival marks the day when Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama. This day is also marked by performing adoration of weapons.


The festival that tops the list of festivals in the state of Rajasthan is the festival of Gangaur. The festival is performed in devotion of Goddess Gauri who is also known as “Goddess of Abundance”. The day is celebrated by young unmarried women of the society and they celebrate the occasion by wearing vibrant and beautiful clothes. They pray to get blessings from the Goddess for good health and happiness of their to-be husbands and also to get good spouse. The married women also offer their prayers for the prosperity of their husband and family. The celebrations of Gangaur begin fortnight before the actual day of performing the prayers of Gangaur. The major celebration of Gangaur is performed in the cities like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Nathdwara and Jaisalmer.


The festival of lights is celebrated in the months of October and November. It is also one the major festivals celebrated not only in the state but also all over the entire country. The festival is performed by decorating the houses by lighting lamps and diyas and firing crackers. The women in the house prepare sweets and different varieties of food.


The festival of color is celebrated with all pomp and show in the state. The different names of the festival in the state are Gair played in Godaji or Dolchi Holi of Bikaner.

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