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Winter Festival

Mount Abu is rated among the most beautiful and most visited destinations in Rajasthan. The hill station has a pleasant climate and is visited by tourists from across the globe. The town celebrates several festivals such as the Gangaur Festival, Summer Festival and the much acclaimed Winter Festival. Over the years, the Winter Festival has attracted several local as well as foreign tourists. The festival is a 3-day long cultural gala usually held in the last week of December. The Winter Festival is organized by Rajasthan Tourism Board and Municipal Board of Mt. Abu jointly.

The main focus of the festival is to exhibit the traditions, culture and scenic beauty of Rajasthan and Mount Abu. Mostly the aim of the festival is to demonstrate the hospitality of the locals of the region. The festival was initially started as a break from the monotonous lifestyle. Gradually the festival picked up pace and garnered a lot of attention. Today it is one of the main reasons of increased tourism in Mount Abu.

The festival offers several chances for tourists to have fun and enjoy the picturesque settings. The boat races and cricket matches are a good relief from the daily routine. With cool temperatures and several options of sightseeing, tourists attending the Winter Festival in Mount Abu can have a great time.

Winter Festival Tour

The festival is usually conducted from 29th-31st December every year. The celebrations start with a procession that begins from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar. The procession then reaches the Nakki Lake Chowk where colourful performances by folk dancers and folk singers are conducted. Artists from neighbouring states like Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat come to Mount Abu for folk performances. Throughout the three days of the festival the town is filled with vibrancy and various activities are conducted across this span. The end of the festival is marked by a beautiful and glittery firework show. There are several sport events that are conducted during the festival. Some of these sporting events include boat racing, cricket matches, kite-flying, etc.

Significance of Winter Festival Tour

The Winter Festival is a three day long festival that signifies the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The festival is conducted to showcase the hospitality and welcoming nature of the locals and also celebrates the beauty of the hill station. The Winter Festival focuses on showing the culture, vibrancy and beauty of Mount Abu. Apart from cultural activities, the festival also features rowing competitions, water sports and cricket matches. All this adds to the enthusiasm of the festivities.

Main Attraction of Winter Festival

The Winter Festival features several attractions. The local artists put up flawless performances of folk music and folk dances. Tourists can witness classical singers giving their best performances and also enjoy folk dance like Ghoomar, Daph and Gair. Ghoomar is the most famous Rajasthani folk dance mainly performed by women dressed in traditional attire and jewellery. Gair is also a local folk dance. Other performances include Sufi Kathak dances, poetry recitations, sculpture and painting exhibitions, etc.

Apart from the cultural events, visitors also get a chance to witness sports events cricket matches, hot air ballooning, kite flying, water sports and also traditional sport like gilli danda. The festival ends with a mega event that starts at 8:00PM and continues past midnight. The end of the festival is marked by a great firework show. The Winter Festival is a great opportunity for tourists to get a peek into the culture and tradition of Rajasthan.

How to Reach in Winter Festival

By Air

The closest airport to Mount Abu is in Udaipur about 185Km away. From Udaipur tourists can take flights to Mumbai and Delhi. From Udaipur tourists can take buses or taxis to reach Mount Abu.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Mount Abu is the Abu Road station. The railway station is about one hour away from Mount Abu and can be easily reached by buses or taxis. The railhead has trains connecting Delhi and Ahmedabad.

By Road

Mount Abu offers good road connectivity. The hill station is connected to all the main cities of Rajasthan by bus. The Rajasthan State Roadways operates buses and luxury coaches from different parts of Rajasthan to Mount Abu. Jaipur is located at 517Km, Jodhpur is at 267Km and Udaipur is at 187Km from Mount Abu. Taxis and car rentals can also be hired to reach Mount Abu.

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