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Kajli Teej Festival

‘Teej’ is celebrated during the monsoons and falls in the months of July and August.  Taking place on the 3rd day of the month of Bhadra, it marks the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati; their eternal love story! The monsoons are welcomed with grand fanfare and colours in Rajasthan, especially in Bundi. Kajli Teej is different from the other Teej festivals celebrated there with women seeking happiness in their marital relationships worship Goddess Uma.

The first day of the festival marks the procession of Goddess Teej in a stunningly crafted palanquin, which resembles a palki. It is carried by eight men shaded in red. The goddess is taken on a tour of sorts through Rajasthan city from the beautiful Naval Sagar ending at Azad Park. Led by huge elephants and camels, mesmerising poetry and music accompany the Goddess Teej on her tour.

Kajli Teej resembles a huge carnival of sorts with the merriment lasting till a week. Rajasthanis are known for their bright colours and resplendent costumes. Kajli Teej retains its primeval charm with married and unmarried women swinging to the beats of the festival.

Kajli Teej Tour

The main idea behind the Kajli Teej being strengthening the marriage bond, Rajasthan is seen in great gala and fervour. One can get to experience the ‘rural’ touch with the local fair held in Bundi. There, artisans from nearby villages come and showcase their artistry. Handicrafts like the cultural ‘kataar’, bangles and other items are sold; along with the regional savouries. People not only from India, but abroad are attracted to the beauty and charm of Rajasthan during the Kajli Teej. There are spectacular performances by the local ‘Hadoti’ artists.

There are flower-decorated swings hung from the trees with women swinging to the rhythm of the monsoon. Dressed in bright and colourful hues, Teej songs of the pain of parting from the loved one keeps one enchanted! High spirits with new clothes, mehendi on their hands and chunks of heavy jewellery and colourful bangles can be noticed with women dancing to the auspicious beats of the Kajli Teej. Women gather around the Neem tree, perform holy rituals and singing with enthusiasm to the beats of the monsoon.

The Kajli Teej ceremony can last from a week till 15 days sometimes, ending on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’ birth date). The women.

Significance of Kajli Teej

The Kajli Teej is celebrated to revive marital ties; a mark of matrimonial sanctity! On the background of the dark monsoon clouds, the local fair or mela is thronged by the locals as well as visitors from far abroad. The Kumbh mela keeps the rural people engaged with gaiety and gala. One is welcomed by the drum beats and dazzling “Algoza” instrumental competition on the first two days. Even today, one can observe the Kajli Teej replicated in the ancient Bundi paintings at the Garh palace where well dressed women carried the idol of Goddess Teej. History is that the original idea of Teej Mata was taken by a landlord Balwant Singh from Gothra, but was restored back to Bundi by the King of Hada, Rao Raja Ram Singh.

Women look their stunning best with beautiful clothes adorned by elaborate and chunky jewellery,

Main Attraction of Kajli Teej

The main attraction of the Kajli Teej festival is the procession of Teej Mata around the city of Rajasthan. An important part of Bundi heritage, the procession is accompanied by decorated elephants, chariots, folk dances, followed by thousands of devotees, eager to catch a glimpse of the Teej Mata. There are even people enacting the Gods and Goddesses to add to the fun and entertainment. In addition, Teej Prasad is distributed amongst all the devotees.

Another highlight is the cultural programmes that take place in the evening. The city of Rajasthan comes alive in the true sense with the Kajli Teej festival.

How to Reach to “Kajli Teej” Festival

By Rail

The nearest and convenient station is Bundi railway station is located at 5 KM distance from Bundi. Kota station is located around 36 KM from Bundi.

By Road

Express buses provide good connection to all the significant places in and around Rajasthan.

One can get buses to Bundi from

  • Ajmer: Travel time-5 hours
  • Kota: Travel time-50 minutes
  • Sawai Madhpur: Travel time-4 and half hours
  • Udaipur: Travel time-6 and half hours
  • Jaipur: Travel time- 5 hours

Alternately, auto rickshaws are available to commute within the city.

By Air

The nearest airport to Bundi is Sanganer airport, Jaipur’s main airport. Bundi is 206 KMS from Jaipur.

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