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Desert Festival

The many fairs and festival of Rajasthan display the rich cultural heritage of that part of India and the Desert Festival is just another festival which showcases the culture of Rajasthan. This festival is a combination of festivity, music and color and is held in the month of February every year. It is a three-day long festival where the folk culture is very well evident. The folk artists sing and dance to the win and the sorrows of the past of Rajasthan city. The acrobatics is one of the main highlight which is a must watch which is also known as the Kalabaz or Nat’s. Puppet shows, snake charmers and the folk recitals are the highlights and the stars and the desert sky add to the beauty.

Festival Tour

This festival has no religious or historical background but was started just to attract tourists who wished to explore this rich cultural heritage and know more about the location. The local elements and heritage of Jaisalmer is highlighted in this event where the whole city is excited during this festival. The city is deked up colorful and the musical at the Thar Desert is a must visit experience.

Significance of Desert festival

It was started to display the facts of this beautiful and cultural city where the local elements are nicely highlighted in this event. Rajasthani culture is presented through dances and musical performances which makes it even more colorful and vibrant. The most popular is the moustache competition and is presented by the professionals. Activities like tying of turban have been added just to get more local flavor to this festival. The winners get a lot of attention by the foreigners and are seen posing with them and what adds more to this festival are the Fire and Gair dancers. The end of this festival is marked with the visit to the sand dunes where one can enjoy the camel rides and the beautiful performances.

Main Attraction of Desert Festival

The turban tying competition, moustache competition and the pageant of Mr Desert are the major attractions. Also the famous and intriguing Gair and Fire dancers add to the beauty. This festival should be attended to see some marvels which cannot be seen anywhere else during the normal days. The foreigners are the most amused to see the moustache contest as they are aw-stricken to see something do different.

How to Reach

The closest airport is in Jodhpur which is at a distance of 300 km and can be then reached by train or taxis.

If one wishes to travel by train, there is a railway station in Jaisalmer.

Many private buses can be found plying between Jaipur, Barmer, Bikaner, Jalore, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

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