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The arid and dry region of Rajasthan, With a high degree of influence from the nomadic and war like style of living of the natives, Rajasthan is home to a unique culinary tradition which included long lasting food in the heat. Also they preferred food which did not require heating up the food again and again.Being the desert it is, Rajasthan and its cuisine is largely due to the dearth of water in that area. Also, Several munchies like PyaazKachori,MirchiBada and BikaneriBhujia are also very famous of the region. Other than those snacks, certain dishes like the Lashunki chutney (a spicy paste made of garlic),Bajreki roti (Bread of Millet) and MawekiKachori are some of the culinary delights from the Jodhpur City, The region ofAlwarcontributes with itsmawa,Pushkar with their Malpuasand Bikaner contributes its Rasgullas and together form a unique cuisine of Rajasthan. The concept of Vegetarian Eateries also comes from the concept of Marwari Bhojanalaya. Today, These have now been adopted in the entire country.

The modern day facilities of a kitchen that blesses the Indian homes have stayed away from a traditional kitchen in Rajasthan.  Camel Dung or dried bits of coal are used as burners of the ovens which are usually made of mud. Often considered healing, The Typical bread or the roti is cooked on a direct flame.The cooked meals are usually served in traditional Indian pots which are usually made out of brass

Blessed with the rule of the Rajput rulers, Rajasthan has its own sense of royalty in food. The Kings brought back raw meat that was cooked after their hunting ventures. Although the hunting tradition is gone, Yet the traditional non vegetarian delicacies still continue to serve in the Rajasthani homes. On the other hand, The dishes cooked in the vegetarian homes are renowned for their generous use of ghee which renders a unique aroma in the mouth. Gram flours and pulses have a major share in the cuisine of Rajasthan. Curd and Dry fruits are also used in the cuisine along with a huge use of spices. Some of the snacks in Rajasthan are also famous. Sun dried items are also to die for.

dalbatichurma is undoubtedly the most famous  of all the rajasthani dishes. But that is not all, Rajasthan also offers a wide variety of dishes for those who seek to break the monotony. The range and vivacity of the food of rajasthan is such that the dishes and the culinary experiences vary from one region to another in this magnum state. Besides that, The sweet tooth of people are also tickled with every region having its own sweet dish to boast. Jodhpur’s MawaKachori, BikaneriRasogullasJaipur’s Ghevars are some of the famous dishes.

Sweet Dishes

The concept of a dessert ceases to exist in the meals of Rajasthan. Usually consumed after the heavy meal, In Rajasthan though, Sweets serve all the pallets and are not only had after a meal but also before and during the meal. The Rajasthani people in their own special way merge their daily food habbits with Sweets and do not rely on sweets only after their meals. For Example, The Halwa is served with Puris in the state. Echoing the general cuisine grammar of Rajastha, The Sweets in Rajasthan also uses a heavy dose of pulses, Lentils and Ghees. During the festive time Chakas and HAlwas assume an important part of the cuisine.Halwas made with a generous mix of Ghee and Lentils are also prepared and are much appreciated by the Rajasthanis. Certain sweets the Moong Dal kaHalwa,ChaneKaHalwa and SoojiKaHalwa are some of the finest culinary delights in Rajasthan. Another famous delight from the Ajmer Region is the SohanHalwa. Another delicacy that has shined the name of Rajasthan in the heart of foodies is their renowned Laddoo. Basically a sweet ball which is prepared in traditional Rajasthani Homes, The Laddo with its many varities continue to fascinate people. Some of the varities are BesanKaLaddo , Dal kaLaddu, MotichurKaLaddu and also the only one of its kindGaundkaLaddu. The GaundKaLaddu is consumedtypically in during Winters. This Rajasthanis Specialty is considered to provide heat to the body.Good quantities of milk and milk madestuffare also heavily used to make sweets and desserts. One such product is Kheer. Prepared majorly out of milk, The Rajasthanis use several things along with the kheer to render it a different taste.Another special dish from the capital city of Jaipur is Ghevar which is often considered as the tastiest dessert served in Rajasthan. Another Legerndary dessert in Rajasthan is prepared when Rabri is topped on the Jalebi.

  • Gujia
  • Seero (Hindi: Halwa)
  • Imarti
  • Ghevar
  • Feeni
  • Besan Chakki
  • Balusahi
  • DilKhushaal
  • Jhajariya
  • Palang Torh
  • Makkhan-bada
  • Milk-Cake (Alwar ka Mawa)
  • Kadka

Typical Rajasthani Curries

Rajasthan is also very popular for the various vegetarian delicacies that it offers to their people. Some of those extraordinary dishes containdishes like the celebrated Ker Sangriwhich is ainvigoratingplatepreparedwithsangria wiz a regionallydeveloped beans which is ripe in butter milk. This is served with ker. Another famous dish is that of potatoes which are served withdumplings made of pulses which is roasted slowlyand softened in brilliant lip smacking gravy and is called the MangodiAlukiShak.JaisalmeriChaneis a dish of chick peas which is served with a sour and tangy sauce or gravy.Another thing that deserves a mention is Besan  or the Gram Flour is used widely in combination with yoghurt to lend the perfect taste the classical Rajasthani recipes.

  • Kicha ki sabji
  • Moranga ki sabji
  • Guwar fali ki saag
  • Beans ki sabji
  • Gajar ki sabji
  • Karela ki sabji
  • Raabdi
  • Badi
  • Ker-saangri ki sabji
  • Kadhi
  • Makki ki raab
  • Makki ki saag
  • Kikoda ki sabji
  • Papad ki sabji
  • Matar ki sabji
  • Aloo matar ki sabji
  • Besan Gatte ki sabji
  • Govind Gatte or Shahi Gatte
  • Pyaaz Paneer
  • Sev Tamatar
  • Makki ki ghaat
  • Dal Chawal Kutt
  • Lauki key Koftey
  • dahi mein aloo
  • rabori ki sabji
  • ker sangari ki sabji
  • Jaipuri
  • Masala Gatta

Typical Rajasthani Meat Dishes

The dictats of religions ensure that most of the families in Rajasthan maintain a distance from meat and its products and ensure a strictness in vegetarianism .Having said that, the ruling clan of the Rajputs were famous for their hunting sessions which made them come back with a lot of meat which was later made into dishes by the chefs of the royals.Due to the religions considerations of impurity, the women usually abstained from this process.

The dishes that served meat were dividedintoRed Meat of Laal MaasandWhite Meat ( Safedmaans ). The Lal Mans had a separate preparation which would be tendered in affluentsaucesconprising tomatoes and red chillies. On the other hand, The SafedMaans was cooked with wealthy stuffings of dry fruits and was often roasted and cooked slowly into thick gravies.

  • Mohan maans (meat cooked in milk)
  • Laal maans (meat in red chillies curry)
  • Safed maans (meat cooked in curd)
  • Saanth ro achaar (pickled wild boar meat)
  • Khad khargosh (wild hare cooked and roasted underground)
  • Bajri ki raab

Dairy Health

The weathersituations and the arid region in Rajasthan makes it impossible to have a lavish and prosperous culture of cattle and dairy which makes the native try for other substitutes. Considering the availability, The milk is either obtained from Camel or Goat. The thickness in Camel’s makes it best to make other dairy products. The natives always prefer to sip some milk everyday which is stirred with a handsome amount of turmeric or cardamom.

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