The district of Bhilwara is located between Ajmer and Chittaurgarh districts.  It is located at a height of 421 metres above the sea level. Banas, Chandrabhaga, Nagdi, Kothari, Khari, Menali and Mansi are some of the many rivers that flow in this district.  It is home to more than 2,410,459 inhabitants.  It is also famous for “Fad” paintings that usually depict the region’s folklore on cloth painted using natural colours.


It is believed that Bhilwara got its name due to the fact that it was inhabited mostly by people of the Bhil tribe in ancient times. The oldest part of this town was setup in the middle of the 11th century by building a Shiva temple that still exists today and is known as the Bada Mandir or Jataun Ka Mandir. The area that is now known as Purana Bhilwara or Bhilwara Gaon is home to a very few people of the Bhil lineage today.  As per another legend, the city of Bhilwara had a mint that minted coins known as “bhiladi”. This is supposedly the origin of the district’s name. There is also reference to Arjuna having fought the Bhil tribesmen here during the Mahabharata period.

Historical records show that a town named Mandal close to Bhilwara served as the military base of the Mughals when they had attacked Chittaurgarh. The ruins of their campsite can still be seen today. A watch tower that was built on a small mound in Mandal is now a Devi temple.


Bhilwara has more than 400 textile manufacturing units that contribute to the district’s economy in a major way. It is also the only place in the entire country that produces insulation bricks. The other contributor to Bhilwara’s economy is the large-scale mining of mica, sandstone, soapstone and quartz.

Tourist Attractions

Around 70 km from Bhilwara and on the Bhilwara-Asind road is the location of the Badnore Fort. It is a 7-storey fort built atop a hill and bears influence of the medieval Indian military style of architecture.

Harni Mahadev is a pilgrimage spot that is at a distance of around 6 km from Bhilwara. The major attraction here is a Shivling that is located under a stone near a waterfall.  During the Shivratri festival a 3-day fair is held here that draws people from far and wide. Nearby and situated on top of a hill is the Chamunda Mata Temple. From here one can enjoy a beautiful view of the city below.

At a distance of around 10 km from Bhilwara city is Kyara Ke Balaji. There is a rock here that has an image of Lord Hanuman that is supposed to have mysteriously appeared.

Pur Udan Chatri is also a popular tourist spot that is about 10 km away from Bhilwara city. People come here to look at a huge rock that is precariously balanced on a smaller one.

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