Rural Life in Rajasthan

The villages of Rajasthan are still portraying the most modern form of civilization with the landscape being dotted with heaps of hamlet and the thick trees being rugged along with the herd of cattle being the only indication of a settlement nearby. You can find circular huts, roofs and mud walls which have been covered with a plaster made of clay, hay and cow dung to make a façade which can blend easily with the sands in the desert which can be found everywhere.

The ones who want to experience the traditional Rajasthan should experience the desert and see how the people live and survive there. Experiencing the life of people who travel all the time and do not really have a house will make you understand the true life of Rajasthan. But when these people step out to visit the pilgrims or the fairs which are held now and then, they just add colors to it and make it more beautiful. Putting on the red and saffron turban, wearing the swirling skirts with their women being in a veil, they roam around add colors in lives of people around them.

You can have a never before experience when you explore the villages of Rajasthan which are far away from modernization.

Main Attractions of Rajasthani Villages

  • Enjoy the camel cart riding
  • Relish the traditional cuisine
  • Bask in the village fair.
  • Watch kids playing in the desert.
  • See farmers working in the fields.
  • Check the village cobbler.
  • Watch Village folk performers.
  • Women filling water from wells.
  • The colourful handicraft items.
  • Watching women making rotis (bread) from earthen kilns.
  • Try your hands at churning of some fresh butter from the brimmed milk pot.

Beauty of Villages

There are a lot of tourist destinations which can entertain you in Rajasthan, but to see and experience the true beauty and tradition of Rajasthan you will have to get off the highway and experience the life of the villages. The villages still use the traditional means to cook the food and so all the houses have smoke curling out of them as the modern gas has not made its way yet. They are said to be the most famous village attractions in Rajasthan where the darkness at the dusk is eliminated by lighting kerosene lamps. Just a few years back they used to sing of rain to their children because rain was rare. But this was a few years back, the motorized transport has become a little common and they no longer remember the sand dunes which could snuff out everything which came in its way overnight. When you visit the villages of Rajasthan, you will thank the Government for making the villages modern by providing the basic amenities, developing roads and proper bus transport. Television sets can be seen in almost all the huts which are enjoyed to a great degree when electricity is there. They also broadcast a lot of programs which are meant to educate the villagers.

Rural Towns Treasure Trove

You can visit the famous destinations in the rural Rajasthan and visit the land of Deeg which is a rural town and has a summer resort of the rules of Bharatpur. The Jat agricultural can be clearly seen in the area with colored fountains which can sooth your soul. Whenever you plan to visit Rajasthan, do not forget to go to Bamer which is a small settlement which has a simple cultural life in it. You can find wood and stone carvings in Sanganer which is around 16 kilometers from Jaipur. You can find the best of hand printed textiles which have been admired all around the world and is exported to a great degree.

The people of Rajasthan present some form of great art even after having a very mediocre life and living in a barren land. You can find highly intelligent people in all parts irrespective of their age, gender or class. The Rangoli made by the women Rajasthan is tremendous and the typical traditional moustache the villagers are something worth seeing.

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Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
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Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 1
Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan 2

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