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Mandore Gardens

  • Attraction

Hall of Heroes with sculpted cenotaphs of kings of Jodhpur

  • Built By

It is part of the ancient Mehrangarh fort

  • Location

9 km from the main city of Jodhpur.

  • Best Time to Visit

November to March.

  • How to Reach

By road using cabs, taxis, or local transport

Mandore Gardens is one of the key attractions for visitors coming to holiday at the dream tourist destination of Jodhpur. There are many gardens in this city but the Mandore Gardens stands out for its cenotaphs and also for the colorful and brilliant images of various Hindu deities. The Mandore Gardens depict the signature architecture of that era and has a quiet aesthetic distinction to it. It is a part of Mehrangarh Fort which was built quite in contrast to the typical umbrella shaped cenotaphs of the era. The garden has a Hindu Temple look complete with columns and spires, all done in brilliant red stone.


According to ancient history, Mandore was the old capital of the Parihars. Earlier it was known as Mandavyapur, whose princess Mandodari was given away to King Ravana. Mandore later became the capital of Marwar. The Mandore Gardens house a number of monuments and temples. It has a charming collection of memorials from the past era. Another high point of attraction are the high rock terraces.

The Chhatris or cenotaphs of past rulers of the Marwar kingdom can be viewed here. One of the most prominent cenotaphs is that of Maharaja Ajit Singh which was built in 1793.

The garden also has a hall of heroes which holds idols of various folk heroes of the past. Their statues, carved out of rocks and enhanced with brilliant bright colors can be found in this hall. Adjacent to this is a much bigger hall called ‘The Shrine of Three Hundred Million’. The gigantic shrine is home to the 30 Crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses that find mention in the Rig Veda.

The Maharani’s Cenotaph

The beautiful cenotaph of the Maharani is at a separate place on a rocky projection, some distance away from the hill located near the city of Mandore. Today, the high rock terrace and the surrounding gardens are major places of attraction, not only for the local populace but also for domestic and international tourists.

Historical Significance

Visitors can know more about the past rulers of Rajasthan from the dewals and cenotaphs built inside the famous garden. The garden is also host to 15 carved figures of the past heroes of the region. Made of living rock, these statues significantly enhance the beauty and importance of the garden and give visitors more in terms of value and historical knowledge.

Why Mandore Gardens is a Must-Visit Place

Why is Mandore Garden worth a visit? The place is rich in history and natural beauty which makes an unbeatable combination for any tourist. The garden adds a new dimension to the tour of Jodhpur. The garden is open from 8 AM to 8 PM. Visitors are charged an entry fee of INR 100. The finely crafted botanical etchings, animals, birds and the intricately carved solar system keep children and adults engrossed for hours.

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