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Chambal Garden

  • Location

It is a located near Kota, Rajasthan, on the banks of the Chambal River

  • Attraction

Beautiful landscapes, lush green scenery, crocodiles, and gharials

  • How to Reach

Cabs and bus services are available

  • Best Time to Visit

October to March

Chambal Garden is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. It is located in the south-eastern part of the state. It is situated on the banks of the Chambal River in the town of Kota, which was once part of the Rajput kingdom. The sound of water gushing in from the Chambal River attracts visitors to the garden which also has a sizeable presence of crocodiles and ghariyals, a type of crocodile that’s native to the Indian sub-continent.


Kota, the town where the Chambal Garden is located, lies on the bank of the Chambal River and is surrounded by many places and temples that have rich history and culture associated with them. Kota is located on a sloping table land and is part of the Malwa Plateau. The Chambal Garden is located on land that was once part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi.


There are many species of crocodile and gharials in the pond inside the Chambal Garden. They laze away in the cool climes inside the pond, blissfully unaware of the attraction value they create among the thousands of tourists visiting here.

Nearby Locations

Amar Villas Palace

This beautiful and enchanting palace is very close to the Chambal Garden and has an amazing landscape and architecture. The palace has great interiors and facades and is a superb way to spend a major chunk of quality time of the tour.

Kishore Sagar Jag Mandir

This famous Mandir was constructed in 1740 and lies in the neighborhood of another popular destination in the region called Jag Palace. It was ordered to be constructed by the Queen of Kota and is known for its beautiful architecture which is typical of all heritage structures in Rajasthan.

Haveli Devtaji

Nestled on the Chambal River banks, this historic place is popular for its frescoes and the miniature paintings on its walls. As it is the residence of the old King, visitors must take permission in advance for visiting and enjoying the ancient style of designing and detailing of this Haveli.  

Maharao Madho Singh Museum

The rich-in-history museum signifies the reign of Kota Kings and Queens of the era gone by. There is also a Government Museum located close to the Chambal Garden. This museum is housed inside the Brijvilas Bhavan Palace, near Kishore Sagar.

Chambal Garden is a must-see destination while visiting Rajasthan as it is one of the few lush green areas in the state. Winter is the best time to visit the place because of the pleasant climate.

Kota has various places that attract tourists round the year inspite of it being a comparative small state.

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