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Chhattar Bilas Garden

If you are visiting the heritage rich Kota, then it is not possible for you to get back without visiting the magnificent garden which boasts of its charismatic features and the power to pull every visitor to it. The park that is all se to mesmerize you with its beauty is Chhattar Bilas Garden which is said to be the second best garden in Kota that is thronged by almost thousands of people on a daily basis. This garden is serene and those wanting to experience some natural beauty can close their eyes and set towards the Chhattar Bilas Garden in Kota to witness the beauty of nature without actually paying anything. This garden also houses the Chambal hotel which actually enjoys the attention of almost all the tourists visiting this garden from faraway locations. This is said to be the second supreme garden in Kota that can mesmerize the visitors with its natural beauty. What make people come back to this garden are its serene beauty and the mental peace that people get here due to the calm and tranquil environment.

When we talk about this garden is brief, the Chhattar Bilas Garden in Kota is a massive garden with some notable and noteworthy royal cenotaphs which are actually a trademark for people to come to this garden.


This Kota village was founded by a Rajasthani royal in the 12th century AD. It was formed into an independent state in 1631 when Rao Madho Singhal ruled the state and was appointed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Kota is one such beautiful state that is located on the banks of River Chambal. Earlier, this place was famously known as Kotah. It is said to be one of the major industrial hubs in Rajasthan and one can find many attractions to make their visit worthwhile to Kota. Forts, gardens, ancient buildings and many such places enthrall the visitors coming to this state. This place is rich in cultural heritage as it was greatly ruled by the Rajpur rulers which are very much evident with the whole set up and the approach of the people. One can spot buildings with historical structures and ancient outlook that increase the beauty of this state.


These cenotaphs are also a landmark and trademark to the respect and admiration for the people who marked their soul. These cenotaph, though sadly, were neglected quiet much in the earlier times but their condition has now been improved in the earlier times by the efforts of the people. This place is not only a good and fascination spot for the historians but it is also an amazing place for those who love to travel and see the whole world and its beauty. Those who love to travel should surely visit this location.

Magnificent Chambal Hotel

This place has one of the grandest hotels named the Chambal hotel which catches the fancy of almost all the visitors to this garden.

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