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Daulat Bagh

Daulat Bagh is the beautiful Ajmer city where people come from far away locations to map the beauty of this place. Always praised to the tee, this place has a lot to offer to the thousands of travelers coming from all across the globe. The splendor of this city is such that it has had several tourists coming to visit the many beautiful monuments, attractions and the rivers and gardens of Rajasthan. Ajmer has made its place in the World Map due to the famous Dargah Sahreef. This religious shrine attracts devotees from all across the globe or even those who just want to visit it once for the experience. Apart from this, there are many other religious shrines in Ajmer that make it a must visit place.

Also, this place draws a lot of visitors to the splendid gardens in Ajmer. Out of them, the Daulat Bagh is one such garden which merits a witness every time one talks about Ajmer. The beautiful lakes and gardens constitute a very important part of Ajmer which not only gives a serene and calm environment to the people but also accentuates the beauty of the place and attracts people from far away locations.


This garden, which is now one of the major attractions of Ajmer, was built by the ruler Shah Jahan beautifully on the banks of the Anna Sagar Lake in Ajmer. This garden is a respite from the many buildings and construction being done in the city. It provides the needed open environment with the beautiful greenery needed for recreation. ‘Baradari’ and the other beautiful trees adorning the beautiful garden just add to the beauty of this important landmark of Ajmer making it a must visit place. This garden was named by the creator, Shah Jahan due to its diverse variety and the ‘daulat’, it had of greenery at that time. However, recently this garden has been renamed as the Subhash Bagh by the civic authorities of that place.

The white marbles beautifully kept on the banks of the Anna Sagar Lake mark the presence of this beautiful lake that attracts people due to its beauty and the serene and calm environment that the people get over there.

This garden is nothing less like a shinning diamond in the whole of Ajmer that is a major reason for tourist attraction, leading to the development of the city. It is not possible for anyone to miss out this important location in Ajmer.

A Jewel of Ajmer

This garden is said to be a jewel in the throne of Ajmer that is the one of the sole reasons for attracting a lot of tourists. It is famous for the greenery, the flora and the freshness that anyone would want amidst the hustle bustle of the city. It is not possible for anyone not to like this garden rich with greenery just like its name.

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