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Ram Niwas Garden

  • Attraction

Albert Hall, Zoological Garden, and the main garden area

  • Built In


  • Built By

Maharaja Swai Ram Singh

  • Location

Located 2 km from Badi Chaupar which is the center of Jaipur.

  • Best Time to Visit

October to March.

  • How to Reach

Easily accessible by road since it is just 2km from the center of Jaipur

Ram Nivas Garden is a key tourist destination that visitors to this part of the state rarely miss out on. The main attraction of this magnificent garden is the natural beauty this place exudes. The garden was originally built to help the drought-hit people of the region. If official estimates are to be believed, it had cost a mere four Lakh rupees to build this awesome garden.

A closer look reveals that the garden is in fact sitting on a huge tract of land that houses some of the most important tourist destinations of this popular city. The serenity and peace that visitors experience when they come to this garden are unique and inexplicable.


The construction of Ram Niwas Bagh was initiated by the popular Rajput king Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1868. At that time, the intention was to help those who were affected by a severe famine that had gripped some parts of the state. The garden gave a lot of people employment and helped them earn their livelihood. Today, the Ram Niwas Garden offers solace from the incessant heat and scorching sun to tired travelers. More than that, it is a source of peaceful relaxation for visitors and tourists.

The Garden is home to the famous Albert Hall Museum which stands at the very center of the Ram Niwas Garden. This Indo-Gothic styled construction displays some of the finest collection of items that depict Rajasthan’s marvelous cultural heritage. The Garden also houses the famous Jaipur zoo which has over 70 diverse species of animals. The aviary inside the garden is home to many species of both native and migrant birds.

Albert Hall Museum

The foundation for this museum was laid in 1876 by the then Prince of Wales, Albert Edward. In 1880, on the suggestion of resident surgeon, Dr. Thomas Hendley, the museum started displaying products of local craftsmen. The Hall was designed by architect Samuel Jacob.

Today, the various activities of the famous museum are directly controlled by the Director of Department of Archaeology and Museums. The oldest museum in Jaipur has over 19,000 historic objects and collections. The Darbar Hall is credited with having the largest floor covering in the world. The Museum is open on all days from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

Jaipur Zoo

The Jaipur Zoo housed in the Ram Niwas Garden is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Jaipur and has an extensive variety of the most exotic fauna and flora. It has many endangered species of both plants and animals. Apart from the large variety of species of birds and animals, the zoo also has the biggest crocodile breeding center in India. The zoo is separated into two distinct portions that houses animals and birds and reptiles independently.

Ravindra Rang Manch Theater

The Ravindra Rang Manch Theater has a modern art gallery and a performing art theater which operates both an indoor and an open air theater. The theater is the bed of cultural programs and hosts dance and dinner programs. The theater comes to life especially during Holi and Diwali festivals.

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