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Deen Dayal Park

One of the major attractions of Udaipur developed around the Doodh talai is the Deen Dayal Park which has a lot to offer to its visitors. This lake is a smaller version of Lake Pichola by the local development of the authority. This garden has a terrace view of the natural beauty and the lakes that make this place even more worth visiting. As such Udaipur is famous for those many tourists attraction and this park adds to the list. One can find sunset point which said to be one of the best locations for people to witness the sunset apart from the monsoon palace. One can witness the sun setting behind the Aravali ranges that may enthrall everyone watching that sight. Also, one can view that magnificent scene where the sun is setting over the beautiful lakes of Udaipur. This place is apt for creative people to think, for the poets to create and the authors to take inspiration from. Also, the lovers can derive the most amount of inspiration and nothing more beautiful can be seen with the love of your life.


Udaipur is said to be the City of Lakes, it is said to be one of the major attractions of Rajasthan. It has a lot to boast and say. It has everything that anyone would want in their vacation spot. The monuments, history, culture and the beautiful lakes and gardens, one can visit this place to see everything at one place. This city is also termed as a romantic city as it has everything that a couple would want. It appeals to the aesthetics of the people wanting to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Gardens, are a respite from the hustle bustle of the city, they give you the sense of a fresh gush of air that is unbeatable. This beautiful location is yet another spot where anyone would just fall in love with the natural beauty of the place.

This park is made on the same elevation like of the Manikanya Lala Varma Park. This park has been developed and taken care of by the Urban Improvement Trust of Udaipur. It is dotted with the beautiful and the masterpiece Pichola Lake on the west and the palatial beautiful City Palace on the north of the palace.

The Musical Fountain

This garden has the India’s first musical fountain that makes this place a must visit place for the tourists. This fountain was made and manufactured by the Yagnik Mechanical Engineering Works which is a unique factor at this garden. This fountain has colored milieu display which dances according to the tune played in the fountain. It beauty is just right to witness at least once. What makes this place a must visit it the sunset view that makes the whole environment even better.

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