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Chittorgarh Fort Garden

Chittorgarh, an extravagant place in Rajasthan boasts of a variety of attractions and places that enthrall the visitors always. This place is known for its historical importance that has earned an important place in the tourism map of Rajasthan. However, once you visit the magnificent Chittorgarh, you will come to know that this place has a lot to offer to everyone. This place is very much in demand due to those many beautiful gardens in the vicinity. These gardens constitute a very important part of Chittorgarh. The Chittorgarh Fort Garden is said to be one of the best and the most visited gardens over here which attracts most of the tourists and visitors due to its serene beauty.

When we talk of the magnificent forts and the imperial palaces, this place is also known for its beautiful and huge gardens that attract visitors in huge numbers. What attract people is the aura and the beauty that it boasts of. It also tempts the bucklers that make this place even more worth a visit. This garden is also known as the 'Throne of Chittorgarh Garden' as it is situated right at the Chittorgarh garden. The lush green garden, the blossoming and the non blossoming plants make you feel totally mesmerized, making this place worth a visit. It is one of the major attractions here, having everything that is needed to have a calm and serene time. The garden is that huge that anyone can have a great tine there with their loved ones. One can also find iridescent water reservoir just in the front of the garden which adds to the beauty of the garden. 


The Chittorgarh fort is as beautiful as it is pictured in almost all the books of history. It is a sign of velour, beauty and it echoes of the sacrifices made by the heroes. This palace is an epitome of the pride of Rajput, their spirit and romance.

This massive fort is situated on a mountain top just very close to the Chittorgarh town in the state of Rajasthan. This place has a very huge historical significance not only in Rajasthan but in the whole of North India. What makes this fort a must visit is the location that it is situated on the hilltop. It is famous because of its culture and the value that it boasts of. This fort is located on a land of 240 hectares and is 180 m high from the land. This is undoubtedly the pride of Chittor and attracts people from all over India and abroad. It sprawls over 700 acres of land and was built by the Maurya rulers with much pomp in the 17th century. The main gates are the Hanuman Pol, Bhairon Pol and Padal Pol. The other things that are a must watch over here are the magnificent monuments making it a worth visiting place.

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