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Bada Bagh Garden

Bada Bagh is located in Rajasthan, just midway between the two destinations Lodhruva and Jaisalmer. Also known as Barabagh or Big Garden, it is about 6kms away from the Jaisalmer city and consists of chatrris that belong to the Maharajas of Jaisalmer. The first one is the name of Jai Singh II (d. 1743).followed by the chhatri of other rulers.

The garden is well known for its three specific features, one is the dam, the other is the lovely garden and the tank that form an important part of the Bada Bagh. Within the complex, you will find the Govardhan Stambh which was designed on the completion of the tank and the dam. According to the local people, the dam is called as Jait Bandh while the tank refers to the Jait Sar. It is said that these names are given to the structures, in the name of the person who created it.  The dam is the most visited by the people and it is about 1200 feet long and 350 feet wide. When closely viewed, you will find that the dam is made of stones and add to its strong foundation. Even the tank has been constructed in a similar manner.

The garden complex is more like an oasis and the dam is constructed over the man made lake. The visitors really love the appealing beauty of the lake and the dam. People of all age groups come here and explore the natural beauty which is worth watching. Everywhere you will find the huge trees and the cenotaphs that enhance its overall appearance. You will also get to see the statues of different rulers of Jaisalmer.


It was Jai Singh II (1688–1743) the Maharaja of Jaisalmer who ordered the construction of the dam and the tank during the 16th century. The construction not only enhances the beauty of the area but it also served as a supply of water too.

When the king died on September 21, 1743, a beautiful garden was built by his son Lunkaran just close to the lake. Even a chhatri was placed to commemorate his father and the same trend was followed for other kings as well. The last one was for Jawahar Singh but its design remained uncompleted after India got its independence.

Since the death of the last Maharaja, no attention has been given to the garden but the chhatris is definitely an eye catching attraction that you can explore.


Cenotaphs or chhatris are one of the appealing features of the Bada Bagh complex. Each chhatri is meant for the ruler who reigns at a particular time and this is done by erecting it. The oldest cenotaphs were meant for Maharawal Jait Singh who rules from 1470-1506. This trend continued for a long time until 1947, when a king died due to a disease. The death was considered to be a bad sign and hence this traditional was put to an end.

The Magnificent Drainage System

One of the highlighting features of the drain is the well design drainage system that is divided into five tiers called as Bhanvaria. The facility of spilt level drains makes sure that the excess water is drained out in a proper manner and there is no risk of any flood. Other drains are referred as Ramnal. Another spectacular attraction is the shrine that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and known as Bhaironji. The people of Rajasthan are very devotional and turn out in large number to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Even the visitors love to be a part of this gathering and enjoy themselves.

Maharawal Bairisal's Chhatri

Another very important part of the Bada Bagh is the Maharawal Bairisal’s chhatri (1863 to 1901). With every cenotaph is an indication of the status that the kings enjoyed during their reign. The size would be larger for the main king and the small ones for the brothers. If in case, any of the cenotaphs have statues of both the king and queen, it was said that the queen might have performed sati when their husbands died in war.  Other tablets close to the statue were for the paswans. The overall design is a glimpse of the architectural styles of the Rajput, Mughal and Paliwal. This perfect combination has definitely made the structure highly impressive. 

Grove of Mango Trees

If you happen to come to Bada Bagh, do not miss the chance of exploring the mango trees and Kanwar Pada which are very popular in Jaisalmer.

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