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Watson Museum

Location: Jubilee Garden, Rajkot

Constructed In: 1888

Significance: Represents the Saurashtra and British colonial empire

Highlights: Documentations and citations of the British royal families

Watson Museum is situated amidst nature’s bounty set up in the Queen Victoria Memorial and is one of the oldest museums in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The museum contains literature and artefacts dating back to the 13th century and documentations listing the history of Rajkot culture.

The museum exhibits various textile designs, valuable artefacts, and citations of Gujarat. Also the museum has some of the most unique paintings in its library which were donated by the royal families living here during the British rule. The museum has a mix of artefacts from the British and the Indian locals of the region such as the Bharwads, Ahirs, Darbars to name a few.

The jubilee garden is a quite place where you can spend your evenings and rest and the Victoria memorial institute is in itself an appreciable architectural delight.


Watson Museum is a part of the Victoria Memorial Institute. The museum has been named after the British political agent of kathiawad, Col John Watson. Though the museum is run by the Gujarat government, Col Watson initiated the process of documentation and citation of the royal families staying in this region. The building was constructed in the year 1888 but it was opened to public sightseeing in the year 1893.


Paintings and Manuscripts

The paintings at Watson Museum are exquisite collections donated by the royal British families and are influenced by the colonial empire.


Handloom spun textiles which have adorned Saurashtra region for hundreds of years have been displayed as a remembrance of the wooden looms and the Indian thread.


Most of the inscriptions displayed are from the 13th century and some of them from the Indus civilization as well. There are stone tablets and hand written scripts on display here. There are also citations and documents of the British families who stayed in India.


Various tribal collections of sculptures and artefacts from the region have been collected and put on display here. Clay pottery, tools and daily use items are put on display.


The museum has a collection of coins and currencies from the British Empire. There is also a wide collection of local currency from the region.


Anthropology at Watson Museum is a mind-bustling section where you get to read about the cultures that existed in this region over the ages. It showcases the mix and cultivation of languages and lifestyles here. This section is great for aspiring cultural researchers.

Folk Embroidery and Handicraft

This section constitutes the folk art and culture of the region. The past is beautifully depicted here with a magnificent display of clothes and handicrafts made by the local tribes. You can connect to the rich and vibrant culture and past of Gujarat at this museum.

Musical Instruments

Music has always been an inseparable part of the people of Gujarat. The musical instruments displayed here are now extinct and it’s hard to find people playing them. There are notifications and documentation of each musical instrument placed here.

Natural History

A complete history of Gujarat, and particularly Saurashtra,has been listed here. This includes display of objects from the freedom struggle, remnants of the British raj and notes about Gandhiji.

Rocks and Minerals

This region of Gujarat has been an ore of rare minerals and rocks. The museum has also given special importance to the minerals found in this area.

Visitor’s Information

Timings: 9 am -6 pm

Remains closed on alternate Sundays and public holidays

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Watson Museum
Watson Museum
Watson Museum
Watson Museum
Watson Museum
Watson Museum

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