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Kite Museum

Location  Cellar of Sanskarbhavan, Ahmadabad
Constructed 1985
Significance  National museum of Gujarat
Highlights  A kite with 400 different colors papers

Ahmedabad-based Kite Museum has a huge collection of kites, which make an integral part of the cultural landscape of the state of Gujarat. Displaying kites of all varieties, this museum attracts visitors for their colour and interesting styles. Some of the kites here are 22 ft x 16 ft in height. The museum depicts some rare varieties of kites grouped together. An annual Kite Festival is celebrated by the people of Gujarat on makar sakranti. It tends to be a week-long festival starting from 7 January to 15 January. This is the only museum of its kind in Gujarat and the second one in the world. The highlight of this museum is a kite made up of 400 different colored pieces of paper. The museum is the repository of various cultures and other ingenious works as well. A visit to this museum gives its visitors a real feel of the history and culture of Gujarat.


This Kite Museum was planned and executed by Bhanu Shah who had given away his unusual collection of kites to the municipal corporation of Ahmadabad. This gave his rare collection a permanent place. It took five decade for Shah to bring this amazing collection of kites to the public. The museum was established in 1985 and started with kites collected by Shah. Later on, it started including kites from all parts of the world. This museum was set up at Sanskar Kendra. This building belongs to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and it was designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier.

Sections of the Museum

Materials Section

The kites present here have been designed using different kinds of materials which include polythene, paper, nylon and cotton. The use of interesting and unique materials gives a rare identity to kites. Kites are typically made using the same or different colors of papers. But the collection in this museum has various kites made using some rare fabrics as well. The common thing among these kites is that while the materials used to make them vary, all of them have a luster that makes them novel. 

Tinsel Section

The kites are not only made up of different materials, but are also made using unique patterns. Some of the designs on the kites include block print, mirror works and various kinds of sequins. The arrangement of tinsels on these kites is stupefying and truly inspirational. One is sure to get tempted by the work. The best part of visiting this museum is that one can own similar kinds of kites by making them at homes. School children are specifically brought to this museum to derive some creativity from the fine arts portrayed.

Designer Section

Some of the kites here have figures of birds, flowers, god and goddess imprinted on them. Kites with miniature canvases of Radha-Krishna are interesting pieces of work. Kites with beautiful peacocks and flowers are displayed on the walls of this museum. Some of the paintings done over these kites depict garba dance (folk dance played in groups by hand). This dance is typical of the culture of Gujarat. The Japanese rokoku kites that are hexagonal in shape are also displayed at this museum.

This museum is a great place for kites aficionados, artists and those who enjoy the culture of Gujarat. One would love to catch the glimpse of the beautiful kites collected from all parts of the world. A visit to this museum is sure to be nostalgic with the striking pieces of creativity seen here.

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Kite Museum
Kite Museum
Kite Museum
Kite Museum
Kite Museum
Kite Museum

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