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Archaeological Museum Lothal

Location  Lothal archaeological site, Lothal, Gujarat
Constructed in 1976
Significance Contains information about the Harappa civilization
Highlights The excavated site, Harappan culture and artefacts

For those who enjoy ancient excavations, the Archaeological Museum at Lothal would offer immense learning and enjoyment. It is an informative museum that enlightens one about the 2400 BC old Harrapan civilization. The museum contains exhibits excavated from the Harappan site and speaks of the rich glory of one of the first modern civilizations of the world. You will find many different excavated objects and artefacts from the Harappan era here.

Lothal in Gujarat is a small town, which gained importance because of the sites here that reveal a lost heritage. The site lies close to the banks of Sabarmati River and lures tourists to an excavation site as well as to the museum. The team of excavators here has unearthed almost 5000 items, out of which only 800 have been placed on display. The different galleries in the museum have artefacts, inscriptions, unicorn seals, terracotta seals, necklaces, bangles, fish hooks and jars. All items have been neatly organized into different galleries and properly tagged. The museum is rich with information about the lost society.


During its peak, the Harappa Civilization was settled along the banks of the River Sabarmati until massive floods washed everything out. However, the site does reveal many mechanisms that must have been put into place to prevent floods. There are also interesting remnants of housing colonies and other parts of the city. Harappa civilization is regarded as one of the best systems of town planning by means of its perfect plans of draining sewage away from the city.

This museum was established in the year 1976 to maintain artefacts revealed from the site over 10 years of excavation (1956-61). For ten long years the site was dug and the primary reason for setting up the museum was to preserve objects and inform people about the lost legacy of a fully-developed civilization.

Front Gallery

As you enter the first gallery, the first noticeable sight is a picture representation of the lost city of Harappa. The pictorial representation depicts and makes a striking visual of the city as it would have existed. This galley also has different write ups about the history of Harappa people, how the town was managed, notes and documentation by different archaeologists and their findings.

Left gallery

This gallery displays various terracotta ornaments and artefacts. It showcases how the people of Harappa had a liking for different ornamental designs. You will find shells of ivory and objects made out of elephant tusks. Tools and objects made out of copper and bronze are also put on display.

Right gallery

Human figures, daily use items, painted pots, ritual objects, and miniature pottery items, clay made vessels and kitchen utensils make up a bulk of this gallery. The highlight of this gallery is a replica made of a burial discovered at the excavating site and also a model of the Lothal excavating site.


Apart from the informative galleries, there is a section of books and literature which provide different books by authors addressed to the Harappa civilization. The publication house also sells books on the museum.

How to Reach

By Road

Lothal lies approximately 80 km from Ahmadabad. State run buses and private taxis are a good option to reach Lothal.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Ahmadabad.

By Air

The nearest domestic and international airport is Ahmadabad.

Visitor Information

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Closed on: only on Friday

Entrance fees: Rs 2/- (free for children up to 15 years)

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Archaeological Museum Lothal
Archaeological Museum Lothal
Archaeological Museum Lothal
Archaeological Museum Lothal
Archaeological Museum Lothal
Archaeological Museum Lothal

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