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Shardapeeth Math And Museum

Location: Jamnagar and Dwarka national highway

Significance: One of the four Matha in Hindu religion and centre for Sam Veda

Highlights: Educational society and museum

The pious land of Dwarka adorns one of the four important religious centres or the mathas. The matha has a silent and calm atmosphere which gives inner peace and stress free feeling. The matha is situated inside the main Dwarka temple and invites a lot of visitors all year round.

Among the various sections and rooms of the matha, there are different wall paintings depicting the life of Shankaracharya. Seeing the large dome with carvings and illustrious paintings leaves the visitor awe struck. The dome inside has various lord Shiva stances and when seen from outside the height of the dome touches the sky.

The premises of this matha include many temples of Shardamba and chandramaulishwer. These are Lord Shiva temples. The matha has lush green outer surroundings and people love to spend time here.


This matha was established by Adi shankaracharya, who was a preacher of Hinduism and travelled long distances to convey his message. His teachings were laid on the foundation of a pure universe, a nirguna brahmaand. He preached the oneness of the soul and the universe. He was a key in spreading the Advait Vedanta.

Shri Adi Shankaracharya is said to be the founder of this matha and also for the four Buddhist monasteries he founded later. This shardapith is also known as the main centre for the preaching of the Sam Veda, one of the four Veda of Hindu religions.

Other Attractions at the Matha

The Matha is an educational and research centre for the learning of the Sam Veda. The educational society is run by the trust. An Arts College is run by the trust and a Sanskrit academy wherein many Sanskrit and indology doctrines pass out every year.

How to get Reach

By Road

Shardapeeth lies on the national highway connecting Jamnagar and Dwarka. Local buses or a private taxi can be used.

By Rail

Dwarka has a railway station and all major cities are connected by rail route to it. All major trains leading to Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, and Vadodra also pass by Dwarka.

By Air

The nearest airport to Dwarka is Jamnagar which is 135 km away.

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Shardapeeth Math And Museum
Shardapeeth Math And Museum
Shardapeeth Math And Museum
Shardapeeth Math And Museum
Shardapeeth Math And Museum
Shardapeeth Math And Museum

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