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Hussain Doshis Gufa

Hussain Doshi's Gufa is an art gallery, which represents the art and work of the famous painter of India M.F. Hussain. This beautiful gallery is carefully given an underground structure. The marvellous architecture of this famous art gallery was done by B.V. Doshi. Therefore, the art gallery has a combined name of both famous and eminent personalities Hussain and Doshi. The name ‘Gufa’ stems from the architectural design of the museum which bears resemblance to a cave. The Hussain Doshi’s Gufa is a virtual feast for the eyes of all the art lovers who come to here to have a glimpse of the remarkable paintings of Hussain.

It stands erect near the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology in Ahmedabad. Tourists visiting to see this Gufa are surprised by the fact that this structure is constructed by unskilled labourers with simple and ordinary hand tools. The design which aided construction of the cave-like art gallery was generated using a computer. It is an ideal place for tourists since it is surrounded by greenery, fantasy and art. It is also a quiet retreat from the bustling city of Ahmedabad. A visit to this art gallery will also enhance your interest in contemporary art. It is also popularly called Amdavad ni Gufa.


People say it is the brainchild of world’s two most imaginative and creative geniuses namely Hussain and Doshi. When Hussain used to visit Ahmedabad for his painting exhibitions, he always expressed his desire of a painting gallery that would exclusively exhibit and display his work. This would provide a peaceful retreat for all admirers of Hussain. He had a friend who challenged him saying that the art gallery which would be constructed for him would be so exclusive and remarkable in its outlook and structure that Hussain would have to struggle to match up to its standard with his art. This friend was called B.V. Doshi who later conceptualized the entire art museum for Hussain.

It was Hussain’s idea to have a building structure that would climatologically be able to withstand heat of the scorching sun of Ahmedabad. Doshi suggested a cave-like structure to be appropriate in accordance with the climate of Ahmedabad. Thus, the unique partially underground structure was born. Tourists from all over the world come here to see the unique construction housing remarkable paintings of Hussain.

Sections of Museum

Insight into the Museum

The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that it only has protruding shells above the level of ground and all the spaces are located underground. It has stunning mosaic of China supplemented by back images of serpents snaking across surfaces to complete the wild look of the cave.  Though the main purpose of the museum was to showcase Husain’s paintings it still does not have any straight wall. Every aspect of the museum has something unique about it from the entrance through the stairs to the grotto like space and everything else.

Extraordinary Collection

Hussain’s paintings are extraordinary and clearly reflect the magnificent personality of the painter. He personally had a bold style of painting using bright colours and bold strokes. He had a storehouse of artistic pieces based on animal themes and also representing human figures in a unique and interesting form. Visitors coming to this art gallery have an enthralling experience gazing at each masterpiece of Hussain. The skill and artistry which he displayed in his work got him recognition world-wide. The attraction to his paintings is such that it pulls thousands of visitors every year to this museum. This museum thus, remains an epitome of both art and architecture.

Other Attractions

The cave is supported on foundations of irregular and inclined pillars. The structure depicts the earthly qualities possessed by mankind. There are few openings in the dome in the shape of circles through which light enters in shafts. Light enters in a diffused form that further adds to the mystical ambience of this art museum. The beautifully created unorthodox structure of this museum is awe inspiring.

Visitor Information

  • Tuesdays-Sundays: 4:00-8:00 pm.
  • Closed on Mondays
  • No admission fee
  • Located on Kasturbhai Lalbhai campus

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Hussain Doshis Gufa
Hussain Doshis Gufa
Hussain Doshis Gufa
Hussain Doshis Gufa
Hussain Doshis Gufa
Hussain Doshis Gufa

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