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Shreyas Folk Museum

Location : Near Ambavadi

Established : 1977

Significance : An interesting place that studies the crafts of Gujarati women

Shreyas Folk Museum combines amusement with education. It is located in the suburbs of Ahmedabad district near Sabarmati. This museum acts as a tribute to the remarkable crafts and soulful imagination of Gujarati women. This way, the museum acts as a source of honour for the cultural heritage of Gujarat. What deserves appreciation is the discernment and care with which each piece of art is either made or collected. Viewers are mostly attracted to this museum because of the organized presentation of exhibits. It’s done in a way that each article is accompanied by textual description and photographic panels. This leads to development of interest and also better comprehension of Gujarati art and culture. As a result the museum has become a focal point for art lovers. This museum promotes the artistic history of Gujarat, making it popular across the world.


The museum was established near Ambavadi in April 1977 and is the birthplace of many traditional, rich and colourful art and craft which is beautifully created and preserved in Gujarat. A private trust governs the museum which has an urge and passion to preserve and also exhibit the traditional art and craft which Gujarat is famous for. It acts as a compliment to the hard work and creativity possessed by the local artisans of the people of Gujarat. As a result of this many tourists regard this museum as a truly vibrant place in Gujarat.

Sections of Museum

Remarkable Collection

The exhibits here belong to different arts such as Mer, Rabari, Kathi, Miana, Bhansali, Bharvad, Koli and Khoja Bohra. Apart from this, the museum has many other remarkable artefacts including wood carvings, embroidery, leatherwork, bead work, animal decorations, paintings, costumes and many decorative pieces. The local people of Gujarat need to be acknowledged for conserving the art and culture of their state in the most beautiful way. It is also a means of livelihood for many men and women of Gujarat. All the relics exhibited by the museum are not only amusing to watch but are also interesting and educational. Both the rural and traditional communities of Gujarat display their creations in the museum for the tourists to get a glimpse of the exclusive artwork created by various communities of Gujarat.

Kalpana Mangaldas Children’s Museum

This is a section within the museum. Kalpana Mangaldas Children’s museum displays a variety of drama and dance costumes, puppets, coins and also music recorded from traditional shows from different parts of the world. This is one of the highlights of the museum because it attracts many children who like to come to the museum to see, learn and absorb. This museum acts as a source of enticing kids towards the arts and culture in an amusing and creative way.
Another important highlight of this museum is a huge elephant skeleton, which attracts tourists.

Things to Do

Gujarat as a society is privileged to have a vast legacy of heritage unlike many others. You will be surprised when you take a walk through the Museum because it has a lot in store for you. You can take a stroll in the gallery of the museum and appreciate its portrayal of architectural excellence. People with diverse range of interests come here for an educational and entertaining tour with their entire family. Children can enjoy the collection of traditional music in the Performing Arts Gallery of the museum. They can also enjoy reading books in the adjacent library. Many tourists coming to this museum also likes to visit nearby places of amusement including Bhadra fort, Science city, Shahi Baag and also Teen Darwaza.

Visitor Information

  • Open round the year (closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)
  • Timing: 10:30 am-1:30pm; 2:00 pm-5:30 pm
  • Fees: For Adults-Rs.10; For Children-Rs.7; For Foreigners-Rs.90
  • Photography is prohibited within the museum

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Shreyas Folk Museum
Shreyas Folk Museum
Shreyas Folk Museum
Shreyas Folk Museum
Shreyas Folk Museum
Shreyas Folk Museum

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