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Lakhota Museum

A picturesque lake of Gujarat, the Lake Ranmal near the city of Jamnagar also hosts the Lakhota Museum. The rulers of Jam dynasty built this museum in 1540, which has turned into a popular and attractive tourist attraction of Jamnagar today. This museum is a highly preferred tourist destination because of its unique location in the middle of a lake. It is situated on a small island in the middle of the lake. As you walk through the museum you will see history unfold itself in the most creative way through walls, potteries and rifles. Many tourists use the stone bridge here to get to the center of the lake and click memories of a lifetime. Taking a stroll in the huge compound will also help you to explore the hypnotic artistry of the doors and windows adoring the museum.


Lakhota Museum is located in Jamnagar. It was built by Jam Rawal who belonged to a very respectable royal dynasty of Gujarat. The city of Jamnagar is also named after him. The area saw severe drought in 1834, 1839 and 1846. This led Jam Ranmalji to order the construction of a Lakhota Tower for drought relief. It was meant to provide employment to farmers who were suffering from lack of food and resources. Later, Lakhota Tower was used as a munitions store by the Royal family in times of war crisis. It shows the thoughtfulness and the far-sightedness of kings of those times. The original purpose of the tower was to help soldiers fend off enemy invaders, where the lake acted as defense mechanism. The tower was renamed Lakhota Palace and it is now the famous Lakhota Museum.

Sections of Museum

Marvelous Collection

The collection of this museum comprises incredible artifacts spanning from the 9th to 18th century. The displays here are so varied that it leaves you speechless. While it’s a pleasure to find exclusive pottery that has been sourced from villages located nearby, there is also the skeleton of a whale on display. When you enter the museum the first thing that will attract your attention is the guardroom with its swords, muskets and powder flasks. This section reflects the original purpose of the construction of the tower. All weaponry material available here clearly indicates the military readiness of the people of those times. The walls of the museum exhibit heroic victories fought by Jadeja Rajputs through superbly crafted frescoes. It also has a pool of unique articles like a stone sculpture resembling a lion, floral design beautifully and intricately carved in a stone and myriad variety of rifles and pistols.

Things to do in the Museum

The museum has three floors. Many personal belongings of the Jamsaheb, including the Royal chair made of gold, bed, ornaments, pillows and sword are all displayed on the first floor. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake through the balcony of the museum located on the top floor of the museum. There is a lovely garden around the lake where visitors like to spend time. You will find a beautiful statue of King Jamsaheb in the garden. A fun activity here is to take a paid pedal boat ride in the lake. You could also visit the world famous temple of Bhidbhanjan Mahadev situated on the bank of the lake.

Other Attractions

The Lakhota Museum also has an arsenal known as Koath Bastion which was constructed by the royal family. Another striking feature of the museum is an old well where by blowing into a small hole, water can easily be drawn. It’s a striking reflection of the scientific vision and creative instincts of the people of yesteryears. You can also have a look at the mesmerizing samples of embroidery work done by the local people of Jamnagar. Another attraction is the enthralling bead work samples done by the localites exhibiting their unique skills. They have also preserved a unique piece of canon, which was used by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Visitor Information

  • The fort is only accessible from the north side.
  • The museum remains open from 10:30-2:00 PM and 2:30-5:30 PM.
  • Entry fee for Foreigners is Rs.50 and for Indians is Rs.2.
  • To have a look at the museum in detail you will need around three hours.

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Lakhota Museum
Lakhota Museum
Lakhota Museum
Lakhota Museum
Lakhota Museum
Lakhota Museum

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