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N C Mehta Gallery

Location : L D Institute Of Indology, Ahmedabad

Significance : Popular for its collection of miniature paintings

Architect : Le Corbusier

Highlights : The Chaurapanchasika, which was written by Kashmiri poet Vilhana. He was sentenced to death for falling in love with a princess. However, the king got them married instead after he read the poet’s verses.

NC Mehta Gallery is a storehouse of some exquisite miniature paintings that are a delight for visitors who happen to take a round of this prestigious art gallery. The paintings here have been gathered from across the country to include everything from the work of Pahari artists to the Chaurpanchashika Series or the Fifty Love Lyrics of a Thief. The artworks here are a spectacle both for the connoisseurs as also to the layman. Most of the paintings and sculptures here are created with intricate details and a thorough understanding of the fine arts.


This gallery was created by the famous architect Le Corbusier, who also designed the North Indian city of Chandigarh. It goes without saying that NC Mehta Gallery, situated close to Gujarat University, is a state-of-the-art institution that is a rich repository of exquisite paintings from across the country. The gallery is named after Late Nanalal C. Mehta, who was known for his understanding of miniature paintings. He was a man of letters and authored books in Hindi and Sanskrit besides working in the field of Indian miniature paintings. However, it was only after he left for his heavenly abode that the gallery was opened in his name. The overarching aim was to promote love for art in the society at large, especially youngsters. Promotion of further studies in the field of art was also another aim of establishing this gallery.


The Gallery houses Ragmala paintings and some artworks dealing with the royalty. There are also some works that portray the society at large and its functioning. The paintings are made on handmade paper and creations on it were done with mineral colors. The gallery also has works from Western India and Sultanate Scholl. The glory of the Mughal era is underlined in some works. The Jain School paintings here are also worth noticing. Persian epics Hamza-Nama and Sikander Nama find proud space in the gallery. The Krishna Leela and life of the kings also are a part of the miniatures here. Works dealing with love and romance in times of yore also find space here. The truly highlighting feature of the NC Mehta Gallery is that it houses collections from all ages, regions and eras that the country has been witness to. This also makes it a source of information about the wonderful yet subtle differences in various styles and schools of painting.    


Sculptures and Miniatures

There are many pre-Mughal miniatures and sculptures from areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan placed at the gallery. They date back to many years BC and make an interesting depiction of the art and culture of different eras. Bronze artifacts from the medieval era are also popular here.

Pahari Art

There are many examples of Pahari art at the gallery. These paintings come from places spanning areas of Himachal and Kashmir.

Religious Representations

A complete section at the N C Mehta Gallery comprises paintings depicting religious scenes from different Indian mythological works. Miniatures of Radha - Krishna and their love scenes at the gallery are highly regarded.

Display of Intimacy

Many paintings at this gallery depict love, affection and erotic scenes. One such is a painting of a king ‘fondling young boys’.

Important Information

Open: All days except Mondays

Timings: 10.30am-5.30pm (Jul-Apr), 8.30am-12.30pm (May-Jun)

Admission fee: Free

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NC Mehta Gallery
NC Mehta Gallery
NC Mehta Gallery
NC Mehta Gallery
NC Mehta Gallery
NC Mehta Gallery

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